Mumara has added a brand-new and trendy ‘Unsubscribe Page’ that readers are redirected to if they choose to unsubscribe.

All good things come to an end. When you’re sending bulk emails, whether they’re promotional offers or regular newsletters, you should always be open to the possibility of getting unsubscribed. We’ve said this before, all types of engagements are good. Email unsubscribers save you from spam reports and help you refine your contact lists leaving behind only those readers who are interested in your posts. With this optimistic outlook, you can say goodbye to these subscribers in a healthy way.

To create a personalized experience for your email recipients, Mumara has added a brand-new and trendy ‘Unsubscribe Page’ that readers are redirected to if they choose to unsubscribe. You could call this “One Last Try”. It reminds the recipients that they’ll be missing out on all future communications. Let’s find out more about the unsubscribe feature! 

Interactive Redirected Page for Email Unsubscribers

Mumara looked into the unsubscribing practices and brought forward a much-needed staple feature that all our clients can edit according to their needs. A redirection page for unsubscribers has a number of advantages. The most obvious advantage is that readers get a chance to reconsider and confirm their decision to unsubscribe.

It also gives an impression that you have put effort into your email marketing; it’s not meant to annoy the consumer but actually inform and appeal to their tastes.

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Recent improvements in anti-virus software scan and check the content of email marketing campaigns as well. This involves clicking on all of the links to see if they are safe or not. If the software were to click on the unsubscribe link which did not offer any confirmation option, this would lead to an unwarranted opting out; even though the reader may still be interested! Our Unsubscriber Redirection Page prevents this from happening, as it requires confirmation from the reader now.

There’s more to unsubscribing than just the click of a link. This article discusses the healthy ways for subscribers who are no longer interested. Below you can read about the good unsubscribing practices to adopt for the recipients’ benefit.

Let Readers Choose the Email Frequency

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Is there an alternative to unsubscribing for your contacts who have had a little too much to hear from you? Of course, there is! You can let the readers “opt down” instead of “opting out”. By opting down, the recipients who receive daily email campaigns from you can choose weekly or monthly updates only.

This would fairly reduce the clutter in their inboxes. It would also be a win for you as you would still have a reader! This could also improve your email open rates or click-through rates. In situations where you also send coupons via email, let recipients choose the option to only receive promotions. This is also a win-win because the customers will get discounts and you will be making sales from emails!

Offer an Email Switch

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Many times our contacts would prefer to have the promotional or less important emails delivered to a secondary email ID. You’d be surprised at how many people use more than one email address. Of the 3.4 billion email users worldwide, each user on average has 2 email accounts!

However, it cannot be expected that they will especially sign up with their preferred email. Therefore, if you offer email unsubscribers the chance to switch their email id, they just might take you up on it! It’s an innovative solution to prevent subscribers from leaving when there are other options available.

Add an Exit Survey

Email marketing survey | Mumara

If an email subscriber has decided they want to leave and nothing can make them stay, You can seize the opportunity in a different way. By adding an exit survey, you gather excellent information about what makes your audience unsubscribe. These are all points you can improve upon and respond positively to the feedback.

Be sure not to design a lengthy survey or include a ton of points. It should be short and to the point. This is also one of the unsubscribe practices that you should use in isolation. The objective should always be to save the recipients’ time and remain on their good side, even while unsubscribing.

Prolonged Goodbyes are Awkward.

We would say that it’s best to keep the goodbyes short and to the point. Following email unsubscribers with another email to say “we are sorry to see you go” might infuriate readers. They believe their request has not been taken seriously. Mumara recommends that official communications must be with mutual consent. If the recipients have decided they don’t want to hear from you, it’s best to part ways right there and then.

Pre-empt unsubscribes. Send re-engagement emails to inactive contacts.

Email to inactive users | Mumara

It’s not necessary that your contacts must unsubscribe you to show disinterest. Many recipients ignore your marketing emails and leave them unopened. They are an unsubscribe waiting to happen. In a few cases jumping the gun can be beneficial. Re-targeting inactive clients will result in either re-activated readers or a more refined contact list.

There is a gamble you can add within this option. Some email senders send unsubscribe links to their inactive recipients. These marketing emails offer a link that readers can click on to reaffirm that they would like to continue receiving email marketing campaigns. Otherwise, the senders automatically unsubscribe the readers after a while. This is a bold step, but it shows that you, as a sender, pay attention to your customers.

There you go, guys! Now you have a great new feature to employ in your email campaigns. You also have some great strategies to use along with the unsubscribe feature. Mumara is glad to keep improving your emailing experience!

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