A/B testing or split testing is a process where you send more than one version of a variable to select the best one. Read the blog to get the full information about A/B testing and how it works.

A/B testing is also known as split testing which is an experimentation process where two or more two versions of variables are sent to the preselected segments of your email list to find the best one. You can judge the success and impact of A/B testing by the engagement, open, and click-through rate done by the recipients.

Table of Contents

  1. How A/B testing works
  2. Why should you focus on A/B testing?
    • Focus on user’s pain points
    • It will reduce the bounce rate
  3. A/B testing in marketing
  4. Tips for A/B testing
  5. Conclusion

In this testing process, we use A as the original variable whereas B stands for the new version of the original variable. To add on, during the testing process, we keep an eye on the metrics of both versions of an email campaign. Between two, which grab more attention and come up with better and positive results, we call it the ‘winner’.

When you test the variables and send the best one to your email contacts, it brings more productive results and better returns on investment. When we send the most refined version of our campaign to the people who are more interested in it, it generates qualified leads that are easy to convert into sales.

This process has deep roots in CRO (conversion rate optimization) where you work on the qualitative user perceptions. This data is highly usable in future email marketing campaigns and litmus papers to gauge the pain points, user experience & behavior, and satisfaction level. According to the market experts, if you are not into A/B testing, it means that you are losing a lot of potential revenue.

How A/B Testing Works

While doing A/B testing you take the original email campaign and create another version of it with some modifications that might cast a spell on the readers. Further, these modifications or changes can be made in the subject line, email copy, design, visuals, call to action buttons (CTAs), etc.

The recipients will see both versions of your email campaign and will tell you to send the best one to the audience. We highly recommend using Mumara to conduct this testing. The reason behind this is that Mumara, being the best email automation software makes it easy for you to run A/B testing and you can analyze the stats in real-time. By this, it becomes easy for you to gauge the user’s behavior.

Why Should You Focus On A/B Testing?

We often hear people saying that marketing is not working well for our business. They say that enough qualified leads have become a dream now. Along with this business, the online stored and even media channels complain about low engagement.

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These conversations and rumors remain in the market because these people do not care much about what users want. Getting the qualified leads that are ready to be converted in the sales is directly proportional to the likes and dislikes of the users.

Here are some of the reasons you need to conduct A/B testing:

Focus On User’s Pain Points

While sending an email campaign, you need to keep the requirements and pain points of the users in mind. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, when you stress the pain points of the users, you must come up with a solution. This is the time when you will be able to hit right on the nail by adding a call to action.

By this, the user will come to your website to find the solution to their problems. Another thing that is a must in this regard is that provide the actual thing is mentioned in your email. If you will fail to provide so, your audience will lose interest and probably will unsubscribe from your email list. If a visitor is not able to fulfill his goal, it will be marked as a bad user experience.

It Will Reduce the Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the most important thing to judge the performance of your website. There might be various reasons for the bounce rate of your website including, a lot of options, mismatch, technical jargon, or low loading rate.

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Before launching your website, you can perform various A/B testing on this to finalize the best version. The same is the case with your email campaign. when you decide to send an email campaign to the audience, you need to conduct split testing to find the finest version.

A/B Testing in Marketing

A/B testing has many benefits for marketing. one more thing that is super perfect in this regard is that split testing is highly valuable but low in cost. For example, if you want to sell a product and looking for more profits through marketing, you must go with A/B testing. This method will allow you to send your emails to the most suitable users.

This method will help you out in sending your message to the interested users. These users will open the email as quickly as possible, and not this, they will take some action. By taking action we mean that the user will hit the CTA and come to your website for purchasing purposes. Two or more versions of the email campaigns are good for you to find the targeted audience that looks for your product.

A/B testing in marketing | Mumara

Sending an email campaign to the people without having a clear agenda in mind will make it impossible for you to derive the sales. As we all know that email marketing is an art, so we have to master it before we use this method for branding.

Although it is not difficult to learn this process, you have to be highly vigilant, otherwise, you will lose a great deal. Without recognizing the actual fault in the strategy, people tend to blame email marketing instead, which is wrong.

Tips for A/B Testing

Whenever you conduct an experiment, it is your duty to keep the participant groups as similar as possible. It means that if you are testing a website the targeted audience must see both versions. If one of the versions is being seen by a group of people and the other version by another group of people, you will not be able to comprehend the actual results. Here are some of the tips you must keep in mind:

  • Maximize your sample size
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Do not make any changes until you see the results
  • Do not rely on a single test, run the test more than once


To conclude, we can say that A/B testing is the perfect way to check and comprehend the audience’s response. It is the best idea to send the finest copy of your email to the interested audience. we suggest you use the best email marketing automation tool to run these tests and get real-time results.

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