Email marketing is the best among the well-known marketing methods to connect directly with users. It helps you to be in contact with the audience in a one-on-one manner. Although it comes up with too many benefits, still some marketers are not getting the desired results. Keep reading for the reasons and find the tested solutions.

Failure of an email marketing strategy costs money and mental peace. Marketing through email has the potential to promote your product by more than 130%. Not only this, it gives you a massive return on investment $42 on every $1 spent.

Table of Contents

  1. Why your emails are not hitting the inbox?
  2. 12 reasons why your email marketing strategy is not working
    • Un-optimized subject line
    • Poorly written email body content
    • You are not building a relevant email list
    • You are not segmenting your mailing list
    • You are not cleaning your email list
    • Poor email design
    • You are repeating the same message
    • You are not adding social media sharing buttons
    • Ask for feedback
    • You are not making your email mobile friendly
    • Do not add too many images
    • Not using a reliable email marketing automation software
  3. Conclusion

There are a lot of benefits of sending promotional emails but still, some of the brands either don’t use it or if they use it, they do it poorly. The ultimate results of deploying the wrong email marketing strategy proved ineffective.

Resultantly, brands and businesses blame email marketing without knowing and understanding the flaws in their techniques.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with email marketing because there is enough evidence in support of it when people are getting a lot from it and boosting sales simultaneously. If you are failing, do not lose hope, you are not the only one who is struggling with it.

The fact is that many others might also be doing it ineffectively. The only thing you need to focus on is just revisit your email marketing strategy to make it powerful as well as operative.

Sticking to the wrong approach is just like solving a problem with the same method and expecting different results. The strategy works when you give leverage to every component equally.

In this blog, we shall discuss why your email marketing strategy is not working. There you go!

Why Your Emails Are Not Hitting the Inbox?

Previously, the filters didn’t mark your email as spam unless you send spammy content. The spam filters were active for certain words, and phrases they find in the emails. They also checked for your spam score, if it was higher your messages were destined to be in the junk folder.

why your emails are not landing in the inbox | Mumara

If the spam score was lower, your messages were sent straight to the mailbox. Today, spam filters have become more sophisticated and they keep check on the open rates and replies to your emails.

You have to keep checking on the various elements at the same time to land in the inbox.

12 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

Email marketing is best among known marketing methods used for connecting directly with users. It helps you to be in contact with your users in a one-on-one manner. Although it comes up with too many benefits, still some marketers are not getting the desired results.

The reason behind this is that email marketing is not about just bombarding the users’ inboxes with emails. Rather, you need to come up with an email marketing strategy to give the best for your email marketing efforts.

Sit on the desk and do some homework before you hit the send button for your email marketing campaign.

Here are some of the reasons why your email marketing strategy is not working, read one by one:

1. Un-Optimized Subject Line

What is the first thing a recipient sees when he receives an email in the inbox? A subject line! Yes, the email subject line is the first and foremost thing a user notices and decides the destiny of the email.

unoptimized subject lines | email marketing strategy | Mumara

If it is relevant and conveys the message with some sort of urgency, the user will open it at the first sight. If your subject line is too lengthy, or more than 50 characters, it will not be fully visible in the mailbox, making it un-optimized for the users.

No matter how beautiful an email you have crafted, what will be the use of it if it doesn’t get opened? A compelling subject line can make or break the idea of getting attention, and open and click-through rate.

2. Poorly Written Email Body Content

A skillfully written email is much important to engage the recipients. Think for a while you have chosen the finest email template and designed the layout with great care but didn’t bother about writing the relevant content.

Do not write long paragraphs, rather use bullets, to sum up, the message to make it easy to read and easy to scan. People do not have much time to read long text, if the message is larger than 150 words, you need to make it short.

A short and smart message is more effective that ensures the success of your email marketing strategy. Another important thing is the email preheader. It is the text that appears right after the email subject line, describing what the email is about.

We suggest you use Mumara to create a perfect email preheader for better engagement. Further, do not forget to add a call to action in the email, but do not add too many.

If you add many calls to action in the email or the links, it will confuse the user to find the right one, resulting in a poor click-through rate.

3. You Are Not Building a Relevant Email List

People subscribe to your email list when they want to hear more from you. You can offer them something special so that they take some interest. An important point that needs to be kept in mind is that, do not deviate from any promise you made to get the users.

If you do so, you will see people going and it will damage your reputation too. Some of the brands purchase the email list for marketing purposes instead of building their own. This is also a bad practice.

build email list, how to build mailing list | Mumara

If you will send your email marketing campaign to the users who have not opted in to receive information from your brand, they might delete the messages without opening up. Moreover, if you will keep sending the messages, there is a possibility that they will mark your message as spam.

Build a list with subscribers who will help improve your sales. Don’t stuff the email list with uninterested users, it will impact negatively your email marketing strategy.

4. You Are Not Segmenting Your Mailing List

If you segment your email list, it will help you send the message to the right people. A mailing list may have users from every age group, and different preferences, you have to sort out that issue before you send the email campaign.

A mail list can be segmented based on age, likes, dislikes, preferences, hobbies, location, interests, etc. It all depends on your email marketing strategy and how important you feel for your success.

5. You Are Not Cleaning Your Email List

Keeping an email list clean is one of the best practices to get the best results. If you are not willing to do so, the results will remain all the same. An outdated database is good for nothing but costs you a lot of money and headache.

Those marketers who do not keep their list clean – blame email marketing, which is not true. Before starting email marketing operations, clean your email list from uninterested users and send your message to the people who are eager to get updates from you.

6. Poor Email Design

If you feel that your message is unable to engage the users, you need to recheck several things, email design is one of them. Your email design must be attractive with a feel and looks that instantly grab the attention of the users.

A well-embroidered email design has logos, visuals, color schemes, and CTAs that cure sore eyes. Do not use too weak or too bright colors in the email that decrease engagement.

If you want to minimize your effort, use Mumara fearlessly. You will get an opportunity to use Drag & Drop Builder to send your email marketing campaign more professionally.

7. You Are Repeating the Same Message

Sending the same message, again and again, will be so negative for your email marketing strategy. Always send fresh and refreshing content to the users that increase keeps your users awaited.

boring message, uninteresting email message, email marketng strategy | Mumara

If there will be no improvisation in the content, the recipient will get bored. Do not send anything to the users if that is not worth reading.

8. You Are Not Adding Social Media Sharing Buttons

Social media sharing buttons give your message a boost the engagement and results. Design your email perfectly and then add social media sharing buttons, you will see that your product will get a massive audience without any extra effort.

If you are sending what people need, they will share it with their family and friends. Not only this, your message will be shared on social media to reach a larger audience.

9. Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback helps in improving two-way communication. Along with it, it will give you a chance to improve the product if needed.

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For example, you have made a product and just working on the production without knowing if people like it or not. Asking the audience if they like the product or not will be beneficial for you in both cases.

10. You Are Not Making Your Email Mobile Friendly

Today, most people use smartphones to read any information. The days are gone when people sit before the desktop to read emails. If your emails are not mobile-friendly, you are on the losing side.

Make sure they are crafted in a way where they are equally suitable for desktop and mobile phones.

11. Do Not Add Too Many Images

Images are good for your email marketing. But at the same time, if you will add too many images, it will alert the spam filters. Adding too much text and too many images in the email can harm your email deliverability.

Make sure that your email is balanced, even if you are adding a single larger image, it will also activate the spam filters.

too many images in the email | Mumara

Images are used to grab the attention of the users, but too many images are harmful to your email marketing strategy. Use minimum but interesting images that help you do the job.

12. Not Using a Reliable Email Marketing Automation Software

To craft and send your email marketing campaign, you need to choose a reliable email marketing automation tool such as Mumara.

You can design, and schedule your email campaign to send it instantly or send it later as per requirements. Along with it, you can test your email by running A/B testing, and you can also keep an eye on the real-time stats.


Summing up, we can say that if you feel that the ROI of your email marketing is lower, it is because of your current email marketing strategy. We have discussed all the possible reasons that can be responsible for your lower revenues.

If your emails are not landing in the mailbox, there is nothing on the earth that can make your marketing strategy successful. All you need is to read the above-mentioned reasons and their solutions to make your way towards success.

Along with it, do not forget to use the best email marketing automation tool that will help you in your automation process.

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