A subscription form is a form that exists on a blog or a website where the users fill up the mentioned fields to receive the email(s) on the topics based on their interests. 

It can be added to any page of a website to opt-in users or subscribers to your email list. 

Choose your favorite web form on Mumara to attract new subscribers, increase engagement, and convert leads into sales. 

In this article, you will learn how to embed the subscription form into your website through HTML embed code, and its multiple benefits. 

Table of Contents

  1. What does embed mean?
  2. Advantages of the web form
    • Reduce your manual work and save money
    • Web forms help you communicate with your visitors
    • It ensures data quality
    • Increase your conversions
  3. Case studies
    • Video Fruit
    • University of Alberta
  4. How to add embedded code to your website?
  5. You need to create a web form NOW!

What Does Embed Mean?

Embed is the integration of external content into a page or website. You place an embedded code into the HTML editor of your website.

As soon as you will hit Save/Publish button, you will see the subscription form on the concerned page.

Advantages of the Web Form

Web forms are one of the finest ways to initiate communication with your visitors. It helps you gather the relevant information including their name, email addresses, likes, dislikes, hobbies, preferences, and whatever you want.

advantages of web forms, web forms | Mumara

Getting this information will help you send the right information at the right time to increase sales and conversions. All the information that you collect on the web form lands safely in a dedicated inbox or an email list for further email marketing operations.

The web form is a convenient way to create a communication workflow and target prospects with relevant information.

The information collected from the visitors, users, partners, suppliers, etc., can be utilized to send broadcasts later on.

Here are some of the tested benefits you will get after embedding a web form to your website:

Reduce Your Manual Work and Save Money

One of the top-notch benefits of integrating web form on your page or website is that it decreases your workload and it is highly cost-effective. You can easily integrate it with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

It keeps you away from using different apps and software to collect data and information. It further makes the process easy peasy without indulging in the complex integrations costing you a lot of money and mental peace because it will help you eliminate different software.

The landing page saves you from worrying about data security risks – making you independent to use your list the way you want without depending on a third-party vendor(s).

The data you will collect will go straight to the CRM solution making you the boss to manage the data you have already collected.

Web Forms Help You Communicate with Your Visitors

Web forms can be used for various purposes including inquiries, subscriptions, registrations, etc. The information you get from these created forms is submitted to the database, aiding you to build your relationships with the customers.

subscription forms helps your communicate with your customers | Mumara

Start communicating with your audience now and convert leads to boost your sales. Web forms can be integrated for different types of situations enabling you to expand your marketing efforts without any extra costs.

It Ensures Data Quality

Getting leads is always the basic purpose of a marketing team. Not only the leads, but good quality leads are the best way to convert the prospects within a twist.

Deployment of the latest technology in the form of web forms empowers you to communicate with the most interested visitors. It will not be wrong if we call a web form a goldmine to extract gold and shift it to the CRM database. Let us explain it a bit more.

For example, if you create a web form and started getting too many email addresses for your email list, will that be enough? If you say NO, we are on the same page.

Sometimes we find typos and wrong email addresses resulting in hard bounces and damaging the reputation. In that case, the double opt-in process permits you to acquire quality emails.

Mumara will send a confirmation email automatically to your user to verify the email address. You will identify instantly if it is a bogus one. On one hand, you will get quality data, it will reduce manual effort on the other.

Increase Your Conversions

As we have learned that web forms are a tested source to collect information from the leads. After getting valuable data, your sales team can send the latest information, news about the product, and discounted offers to convert those leads into sales through consistent communication.

web forms increase your sales and conversions | Mumara

Web forms are integrated to make the marketing net wider to catch the leads.

Mumara services you send emails after taking a specific action. Along with it, you can design a personalized email campaign, making the users realize you care about them.

This process will further assist you to bring the prospects down to the buying funnel, resulting in increasing your sales.

Case Studies

Here are some case studies on rapidly growing email list:

Video Fruit

Video Fruit belongs to the video editing industry. They were making slower progress and barely generated any leads. After creating a web form on their website, they increased their email list from 0 to 205 subscribers in just 48 hours.

Not only this, but after targeting these subscribers strategically, they increased revenue up to $247 in just a couple of days. Bryan Harris says that he started a list with friends and family.

He requested his relatives to help him build the email list. It worked quite slowly as he just collected 46 email addresses in 1 day. He already knew that he has some visitors on his website, and tried to get leads from there.

Harris created a web form on the website and find a massive difference. He boosted his subscription by hosting a giveaway. A discount was offered to the subscribers and in return, he collected confirmed users.

He had almost no clients but the idea did the job so quickly after applying a psychological factor to building a list without spending any extra money and effort.

If you are starting from zero, Bryan’s case study can be a helpful model for you. But for that, you need to choose a subscription form and add it to the website to give an ultimate push to your business.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is a post-secondary education institute. They booted their email list from 421 subscribers to 2528 in just ten months.

web forms university of Alberta | Mumara

Jason Buzzell of the University of Alberta says that it was not easy to grow this massive list until we make it possible for the visitors to show a sign-up form.

People do not effort to contact themselves, rather, you have to put some extra effort into making them able to see. Before building an email list through a sign-up form, people visited the University of Alberta to get the latest news and updates.

After growing the email list, the subscribers started receiving information in the mailbox, finding it more systematic and helpful.

It not only increased the subscribers but also the website traffic and win more students as they received timely information from the university.

You also need to learn from this technique and make your sign-up system visible to get more users.  

How to Add HTML Embedded Code to Your Website?

After reading the above information, we are sure that you are ready to add a web form to your page, website, or blog to take your business to the next level.

If you are looking for a quicker way to do it rightly, open Mumara and start with us:

  • Choose a web/subscription form of your choice
How to add HTML embeded code to your website | Mumara

Various readymade web forms are available on Mumara, choose one according to your requirement.

  • Generate the embedded code
generate the embeded code | Mumara

Before embedding HTML code, you need to generate it first. After adding a web form, go to ‘three dots’ in the Action button and click ‘Get HTML.’

  • Select the embedded code and copy it to your clipboard
copy HTML embeded code to your website | Mumara
  • Paste HTML Code: After copying the HTML code of your web form, now is the time to paste it into your website’s HTML viewer window. After pasting the snippet, click OK/Save.
  • Find your web form on the desired page.

You Need to Create a Web Form NOW!

Web forms make you autonomous to give your business a new direction to increase sales. It is exceedingly easy and decidedly beneficial to increase return on investment.

Mumara has made it quite relaxed for you to use a pre-made web form in a cooler way. By using this, you will be able to target your market professionally.

With an HTML subscription form, you can accumulate much-needed information about your audience likely to be used later for targeted marketing.

Web forms are easy to find on a website; it makes it easy for the users to sign up without spending any extra time to find the right place to subscribe. You can also use a popup form to make the process even easier.

We have to endorse the fact that many others are running the same business as yours. You need to stand out in the market to catch more eyeballs to make the product visible to others. People search various websites for the information they required.

There is a possibility that they will forget you if you will not leave any lasting impression. Grab their attention with the superlative content and compel them to sign up for your mailing list to receive the relevant content in the future.

We suggest you give Mumara web forms a try NOW and take your business from zero to the top within no time.

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