Landing pages are designed with a focused goal binding to a call to action (CTA). A landing page is different than your website home, or any other page because the users land there after clicking a specific CTA.

Landing pages help in growing your audience and boosting your sales through product promotions. They support you drive traffic to a particular place through your marketing campaigns.

If you add a sign-up form to your landing page, you can easily get, monitor, and convert the leads. Knowing the science of how to make purchases easy for users takes you on the right track to success.

Sending promotions, offer, and discounts to the users without giving them a particular direction will make them blank and clueless about where to go and find the product you are offering.

In this article, you will learn about landing pages, their importance, and how to configure domains on them.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a landing page?
  2. Types of landing pages
    • Click-through landing pages
    • Lead generation landing pages
  3. The key benefits of landing pages
    • Landing pages support your business goals
    • Increase your conversion rate
    • Your landing pages increase the first impression
    • Promote your product and services
    • Build your credibility
  4. Case studies landing pages
    • WikiJob
    • Underwater Headphones
  5. Create a landing page and configure a domain on it
  6. Why do you need to create a landing page right now?

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specifically designed standalone web page for advertising campaigns in the marketing realm. This is the place your user will ‘land’ after clicking the already mentioned link in your ads from YouTube, social media channels, or email.

What is a landing page? Mumara

Landing pages are designed with a focused goal binding to a call to action (CTA). A landing page is different than your website home, or any other page because the users land there after clicking a specific CTA.

When you send a campaign, you promise something to the users, if they feel it relevant, they click to see the other details. It will drive your visitor to become a customer by narrowing down the sales funnel.

A landing page can have a web form to collect the data of the users for further communication for a desired product or service.

It tightens the searches and provides to-the-point information to the user without wasting his extra time on other distractions.

Types of Landing Pages

Many variations of the landing pages are out there subject to the nature of a business. As far as the structure is concerned, they serve the functions like lead generation or show the users the next step with a CTA.

Let us explore them one by one:

Click Through Landing Pages

Click through landing pages and go for sales and subscriptions. These are used by SaaS and e-commerce marketing with a call to action button. It displays the way to the visitors and sends them to a checkout flow.

After clicking the click-through button, the users are redirected to a specific page to complete the desired action. For example, if your CTA says “Request a Demo”, it will redirect the user to the checkout page to finalize the process.

Sales-focused websites are more likely to use these landing pages to get the user’s information. Click through landing pages and come up with more details of the products that are advertised through emails, or ads.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are also known as ‘lead capture’ or ‘lead gen’ pages. Unlike click-through landing pages, lead gen landing pages are more focused to collect the lead data.

lead generation landing page. what is lead generation landing page? | Mumara

In simple words, these pages are used to collect the data of your visitors. The top-notch feature of the lead capture landing pages is to collect the data including name, email, job title, age range, preferences, etc., in exchange for a service or product.

You can customize the form by adding more custom fields according to your requirement. This data can be used to contact these users later on to nurture their interests in your business.

The collected information will tell you about the interests of your users and you can target them to send specific information which will increase return on investment.

It will further help you to reshape your marketing strategy where needed to increase the engagement and conversion rate.

The Key Benefits of Landing Pages

Landing pages have several benefits that make them a perfect lead generation tool. If you have a business website, it might consist of several pages, serving different projects.

On the other hand, a landing page accommodates a specific action.

Here are some of the key benefits of landing pages you need to learn:

Landing Pages Support Your Business Goals

The first and foremost benefit of your landing page is that it helps your business to reach the huge marketplace. It promotes your product you get more customers which aids you to increase your sales and improve your business growth.

Landing pages further cater to your brand to reach the targeted audience in the most sophisticated manner. These pages compel the users to take some action and be permanent customers instead of casual visitors.

They support you grow your email list by creating a sign-up form. This list will comprise the interested users looking for your product, and if you will target them tactically, you will be able to lock more deals.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

According to the stats, if you use a landing page for your marketing campaign, it will increase your conversion rate up to 25%. Just think for a while, you send a campaign and redirect your users to go to your website homepage.

Increase conversion rate. boost sales, boost conversion rate | Mumara

If you do so, some of the users will not take the pain to search for the product themselves, resulting in a poor conversion rate.

On the other hand, when if you send your users a specific landing page with all the information available about the product, you will get a higher conversion rate.

Your Landing Page Increases the First Impression

Your website is the showcase of your business. Likewise, a beautiful landing page increases the user experience and provides him mental peace when he sees exactly what you promised in the ad.

Giving this type of satisfaction to your audience will develop a permanent relationship with your users. The landing pages act like the front door of your business, no matter wherever they are placed.

A strikingly designed landing page clears the path for the customer journey. It shows the next step and the call to action act like a milestone to jumpstart the sale workflow.

Promote Your Product and Services

Landing pages help you promote your new and existing products and services. For example, if your company launches a new product, how will you tell about it your user?

promote products and services with landing pages | Mumara

Creating a different landing page for the product will be highly beneficial for you because the visitor will just focus on it. On the other hand, if you will display it among the other products, there is a possibility that the user will be distracted by the other products to explore more.

89% of B2B customers are of the view that showing a landing page increases the interest in the product and this technique increases the ROI. Nothing can beat your new product or service if you show it in the spotlight on your website.

Build Your Credibility

Landing pages provide a solution to the problems. They assist the users to find the resolution of their pain points by offering them what they exactly need.

Here is a tip to make things more workable for you; add some testimonials of the satisfied clients on the landing page to build credibility.

This technique aids you to achieve your goals because everyone likes to purchase something if they find others happy with it.

Case Studies Landing Page

Digital marketing competition is on the high rise, and you have to design an effective web page. This will increase user experience and your website traffic because a landing page makes it easy for the users to take action against the desired service or product.

Landing pages are of great value to raise business progress. There are many examples available that witness the growth of the brands when they set a landing page to promote their products.

Here are some case studies to inspire you:


WikiJob had many visitors and subscribers to the free tools. But the problem was that they didn’t get much audience for their paid tools. To cope with this issue, they set up a landing page and added some testimonials of satisfied customers.

It helped them achieve a genuine audience impressed by the reviews of the other users. Testimonials on the landing page urge them to subscribe to get the same results for their businesses as others were getting.

This process helped them increase their conversion rate up to 34% straight away.

You can also get the required results if you add a beautifully designed landing page from Mumara to your website to increase engagement and conversion rate.

Underwater Headphones

Underwater Headphones is a waterproof headphone developer company that observed a decrease in its sales of new products lately. After doing some homework on this issue, they find that it is because the user has to put some effort to find the newly launched product.

unserwater headphones, waterproof headphones, | Mumara

After creating a separate landing page, they find a higher conversion rate as much as 35.6%. It was all possible when they showed the products in the limelight.

The other web pages were also catchy, but there were other products too that distracted the users and the brand missed the increase in sales of the particular product. Every business needs a unique approach to look exclusive.

It is also possible for you to earn more and more conversions like Underwater Headphones by using Mumara’s pre-made beautiful landing pages.

Select a Landing Page on Mumara and Configure a Domain on It

After reading the above-mentioned benefits, we are sure that you have made up your mind to create a landing page on your website to increase engagement, sales, and conversion rate.

Mumara allows you to link your custom domain on your landing page in just a few moments and use it with all the liberty.

Follow the steps given below to configure a domain on your landing page:

  • Sign in to your Mumara One account
  • Go to Creative Studio and select Landing Pages
  • Click Add New and select one of the readymade landing pages.
  • Give a name to your project in the “Project Name” field
Landing pages Mumara | Mumara One
  • Click Save & Continue button to proceed further
  • Save the landing page and click Publish Site
  • Go back to Mumara and click the Settings Icon
  • You will see a popup as shown below:
Landing pages Mumara One, How to add landing pages | Mumara
  • Add your Custom Domain
  • Add Domain CNAME Value to DNS record
  • Check the confirmation box and Verify your domain
  • Click Submit and your custom domain will be added to the already selected landing page

Why Do You Need to Create a Landing Page Right Now?

Your home page might be of great value, and it’s got a punchy CTA, you can still face conversion problems. A landing page is mandatory to put your product or service in the spotlight to grab the immediate attention of your users.

As soon as you will increase landing pages on the website, you will see an increase in sales. According to the stats, by adding a landing page, you can boost your sales up to 55% without making any effort.

Landing pages bring more conversions for you resulting in more leads. After getting the desired data of the audience on your landing pages, you can grow your email list, and target those prospects later on in a personalized way.

More than 40% of the websites get traffic on the home pages. When you add a landing page, you will get the traffic right on that page where you want. It will eventually enhance your conversion rate.

So what are you waiting for? Mumara has made everything simplified for you. All you need is to Sign-in and start using it NOW!

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