The Custom Criteria feature is one of the milestone attributes of Mumara that have made things quite easy for you. While using this feature you do not need to segment your list in advance, rather, use available filters that will help you narrow down your audience. 

Segmenting email lists is always responsible to bring a better return on investment for your email marketing efforts. Email segmentation is about dividing your email subscribers into small virtual lists based on certain criteria. 

This is one of the great tactics for your email personalization and the success of your email marketing because you become able to send the right information, at the right time, to the right people. 

For example, you have an email list containing several subscribers of every age group but you want to send your email campaign to a specific age group. How will you do that? Here you will be needing email segmentation. 

Divide your email list according to your desired age group, and get the maximum of your marketing efforts. An intelligent email marketing automation tool such as Mumara gives you the autonomy to create custom fields and add additional information to use later on. 

Along with all this, considering the highest market demands, Mumara goes a step ahead of the market and gives you a unique feature called “Custom Criteria” to send your email campaign to the list with customizable options. 

In this article, we shall discuss what is custom criteria, how it works, and various benefits for you while scheduling an email broadcast. Dive deep for the details!

Table of Contents

  1. What is Mumara’s custom criteria?
  2. How do custom criteria work for your broadcast?
  3. Benefits of custom criteria
  4. Clothing brand improved open rate by 40%: a case study
  5. Conclusion

What is Mumara’s Custom Criteria?

For now, we have discussed the benefits of email list segmentation, and there is no doubt about the advantages that we can harvest by doing it. Meanwhile, we have hinted about the custom criteria that Mumara has introduced to provide some ease in narrowing your targeted audience while scheduling a campaign. 

custom criteria | Mumara

The Custom Criteria feature is one of the milestone attributes of Mumara that have made things quite easy for you. While using this feature you do not need to segment your list in advance, rather, use available filters that will help you narrow down your audience. 

How Do Custom Criteria Work for Your Broadcast?

The whole science behind the creation of custom criteria is to send the email to the selected audience by applying various filters without going through the segmentation process. 

All you need is to add a contact to the list and schedule your email campaign. Custom Criteria reduce your efforts to create segments and then send a broadcast. You will enjoy a ready-to-use sending system with various applicable options for your email list. 

screen shot custom criteria on Mumara

While using Custom Criteria, you will find the following options with several available filters to apply to your email list:

  • Status
  • Subscription Status
  • Confirmation Status
  • Content Format
  • Creation Date
  • Bounce Status
  • Suppression Status, etc.

Along with it, you can add as many custom fields as you want in order to make it more precise and customize. For example, if you want to send your email campaign to the active users in your email list, you do not need to create a segment on your list, just use Custom Criteria and go with Status>Is>Active. Your email will be sent to every active subscriber on your list.

Also, if you want to send your email campaign to the confirmed users, choose Confirmation Status>Is>Confirmed, your email will be sent only to the users with confirmed status.

If you want to send your email campaign precisely to your audience, but at the same time, you don’t want to create segments due to any reason, Mumara’s Custom Criteria feature is inch-perfect for your requirements. 

It is one of the core thoughts in the brain behind Mumara is to make it easy and usable even for those users who know little about technology to reduce their exertions. You do not need to hire a team of professionals to handle your email marketing process.  

Benefits of Custom Criteria

Custom Criteria feature in Mumara is a unique idea that is very helpful for its users to send the broadcasts on the lists without creating any segment. 

Some of the benefits of custom criteria are mentioned below:

  • Send your broadcasts to the selected users without segmenting your email list.
  • The Custom Criteria feature allows you to send more relevant content to the relevant users.
  • By applying the specific conditions, you can bring your audience down to the sales funnel.
  • Sending email campaigns after applying Custom Criteria will reduce the unsubscribe rate. 
  • It increases return on investment.
  • Sending your email broadcasts to the right people helps you improve your email reputation.
  • You will be able to achieve better results.
  • It increases the open and click-through rate.
  • Sending broadcasts to the right people will decrease your email unsubscribe rate.
  • It increases your conversion rate.
  • And much more.

If you want to avail all these benefits, we suggest you sign up for the Mumara and start availing from today. Along with custom criteria, you will be able to get other world-class features necessary to design your email marketing campaign and relay it to the intended audience.

Clothing Brand Improved Open Rate by 40%: A Case Study

One of our clients, a multichannel clothing brand implemented custom criteria and get an instant hike in the open rate by 40%. When there is more open rate, there are more sales, hence a significant difference is also observed after altering the method of marketing. 

open rate improved with custom criteria | Mumara

Historically, they were struggling with keeping pace with the market and finding customers. Mumara helps them to narrow their audience while sending the email campaign. They used previous data intelligently including figuring out the day, and time when they get a more open rate. 

A new email campaign was designed by applying the custom criteria on the list. They scheduled several campaigns during the month, and got the following outcomes:

  • The open rate was increased by 40 percent
  • Boosted sales by 3X
  • Increased CTR by 4X


Mumara is an intelligent email marketing software striving to make the automation process easy for you. It comes up with all the features that are helpful to make communication workflow streamlined.

From creating and managing an email list to designing and sending your email broadcast, and getting real-time results, you can get everything you look for to make your campaigns effective. Sign up now to experience new heights of success.

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