Entrepreneurship can be exhausting. But, Marketing Automation is here to save you a whole great chunk of your marketing headaches. Mumara Business School, brings you 8 reasons why this can be a lifesaver.

Modern Entrepreneurship demands the potent results of Marketing Automation. But, technology is still very hard for some people to grasp. Here at the Mumara Business School, we grapple with new things daily. This is why we bring you a simplified and useful guide for you that can help you see why Marketing Automation is essential.

What Is This Contagious Marketing Automation Buzz?

Marketing Automation Softwares are a way to automate communication with customers through emails. This allows any brand, business, or person to queue the different textual content, images, and even kinds of email combinations they want to send to people based on the customer segment they fall under.

Not all marketing automation software is made equal and so the software that we are talking about in particular is going to be Mumara. Get ready to talk about the buzz.

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Are you feeling it too?

People Often Ask Two Questions

  • Whether marketing automation can be personalized.
  • And is marketing automation free?


So the first one first, yes. Marketing automation can be personalized for each recipient. You can use this software to decide what kind of emails and content will the person be receiving from your brand. You can also set up timers or link the email sending activity with triggers. Because you get to define the triggers of these emails you will give the customer quite a responsive and custom experience that is directly engaging with their activity such as placing an order at your website or signing up for your app.

You can further improve the kind of messages you are sending through the information you have collected through them, this includes information on their demographics, psychographics, and more. So you will be drafting one standard email, and each person will get the email in a customized way.

The custom changes can be in terms of content, images, time of reception, and more. This will depend on the rules you set up for each segment or the segmentation of your contact list. It is simpler than it sounds and yes, it has been known to yield great results.

And the answer to the second question is yes and no. If you have under 500 contacts you can get it for free. This will be the cloud version of the software. If you have to contact more than that then you need to switch to a plan. Within plans, you can choose from a self-hosted (private) pro and an essential package.

It is what it is.

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The Vitamin D for Your Business.

Why Is Marketing Automation Important for Your Business?

So, here are 8 reasons why marketing automation is the Holy Grail for the contemporary entrepreneur. Go on pal, make your life easier. The list is long but, trust us, it will be rewarding for you to read it. Marketing automation is more than about saving time, energy, and resources. It is about effort and results. You can change the relationship between your input and output and that is essentially what the whole rave about modern scalability is all about.

1. Fulfills Your Role as the Entrepreneur

Instead of being every organ of your business, be just the brain. This is the essence of contemporary entrepreneurship for you.  Any entrepreneur should know that they do not have to be a jack of all trades. This is one of the things that you need not worry about.

Your time is your most important resource as the brain of the business. Not every person you hire is going to have the same level of expertise. Not all of the people that you hire are going to have the same level of motivation. This is why you need to find reliable, consistent, and smart solutions that save time and money. Any good business will be able to do so, no matter what their size or domain.

Resource optimization is the only way to thrive in today’s ad nauseam world. There is a great deal of competitive pressure, among other constraints on all businesses no matter how great your idea is. Constraints like rising costs, greater employee complications, and rising product choices can cripple you. In all of this, how are you standing out? 

Content mapping, and personalizing your communication to guide the customer better and more aptly are all new ways to deal with very old marketing problems.

Bottom Line

As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you prioritize. You need to put things in queues and then forget about them. This is why having the right tools to carry out the function you need them to is essential. The most important thing about this is that your strategy should be executed on time and effectively.

The Only Important Organ? CEO's Brain. Use less, get more with Marketing Automation on Mumara.
The Only Important Organ? CEO’s Brain.

2. Makes up for the Time You Do Not Have

For a business to thrive resource optimization is key. You must delegate every menial, repetitive, logical task that you possibly can. This frees your time to do more urgent and attention-requiring this. You can take care of greater, pressing creative issues. But, only if you can find out a way to make your employees carry out the flow. However, the repetitive and assembly-line-oriented work can be very demotivating for the already demotivated task forces of today. This is why you need to invest in solutions that are cost-effective and much more competitive. 

The employees you have hired are also billing you for each second. This is why you need to count their time as a resource for your business too. Buying software to manage client relationships is a lot easier than training people for the job. Plus, you will require a large number of employees to send out gazillions of personalized emails daily upon triggers. This is a tedious job, although it is rewarding for the business.

By using high-powered software instead your employees can continue to work on more empowering things. While the boring can be carried out through the software without any errors.

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Time To Be Creative or Time To Implement?

3. Segmentation and Personalized Marketing

After all personal marketing can require a lot of brainstorming and strategizing. But when you peel this layer of hustle off you will find out another story. The fact is that the deeper you go into customer segmentation, the simpler it gets. Under the big fat layer of differences, all people really are the same. Once your segmentation is ready, there is not much work left to do for you. Other than deciding what kind of content should these segments receive from your company.

All of this simple work can be organized and left for someone else to finish. Really the strategy or the creative bit is all you need to perform. If you are a wise entrepreneur you will find a person more creative than you to take care of it. So you can move on to other aspects of the business that can not be carried out without your guidance. 

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No Two People Are The Same.

4. Converts Difficult Clients

Some clients are a little harder to get than the other ones. This is because these clients are very skeptical about all kinds of products. Including yours. In order to sell to these clients, you should be smarter. This entails that you should use more subtle but effective ways of targeting these people. Such as personalized marketing and tailored segmentations

Before you are ready to execute your strategy you should know that the customer is not dumb. They will only buy the product if it adds some kind of value to their business or life. If you sell something useless or that serves no purpose you will be left with a lot of problems. Problems such as return requests and non-returning customers. The problems could be more trivial like getting a horrible business reputation. None of these serve marketing objectives for any business trying to survive in the modern media-loaded digital verse.

Bottom Line:

In order to sell your product, you need to market it right. This means:

  • finding the right features to market
  • marketing to the right person
  • marketing at the right time
 Use less, get more with Marketing Automation on Mumara.
Difficult, Moody, Catty Clients Handled Automatically.

5. Execute More Potent Strategies

It is of quintessence that you invest in thoughtful strategies that help your customers know and use your product better. Your communication with the customer must yield greater perceived value for your product.

A good marketer will first locate the asset or the star feature and only then try to promote it. You can not navigate through the customer ocean without the right long-sighted binoculars. Otherwise, all you will be is lost. So, if you do decide to sail your ship, make sure your analytics and insights are on point. This can not be retrieved by unintelligent software or mechanical ways to send emails.

The sturdiest of customers can return to your business if your tone, language, and message are apt. An apt message is one that is displayed in the right manner at the right time. This is why you can not rely on conventional ways to market to them. 

Once you have your strategy sorted and you have delegated all your work then there is extra time for other things. Things like Travel, Research, New Product Development, and more. Automating growth means automating profits. With a little reporting and tweaks here and there you will be good to go.

Bottom Line:

Automating marketing through emails Softwares like Mumara means more time for everything else. Growth will be automatically put onto a pattern and things can get even more creative than the status quo because you will have time for that. And there is no limit to what you can do and how many products you can expand to. Email automation means scalability. In today’s world scalability means power.

 Use less, get more with Marketing Automation on Mumara.
More Time, More Travel, More Inspiration.

6. Efficient Resource Employment Through Marketing Automation

Marketers or interns you hire will never do the job right unless you sit on their heads 24/7. Needless to say that this will cost you more time than you have.

Hired personnel will take breaks. They will also get distracted. They are also likely to make errors. Whereas, artificial intelligence will work as you teach it and it will live up to the promise it makes. This is why we have crafted the Mumara marketing automation system. 

You can be great at making strategies and you may understand the customer journey better than anything else but the execution is another thing. Many brands and businesses invest in ways to execute their strategy or truly delegate the task of executing. They are often disappointed and their results and inconclusive and inconsistent. This is why you need a reliable tool for you to perform consistently, day after day.

7. Creative Results, Lesser Caffeine

Great software will be able to perform Marketing Automation seamlessly. You can buy it once and use it for a lifetime of your brand. Getting new ideas and letting employees do the work that Mumara will be doing is going to cost you thousands of dollars in office coffee.

Coffee made in the office takes more time, it is less satisfying and employees will waste a lot of time in making it as well as in the coffee table banter. The time is taken to make it costs you in hours billed by the employee. Do you really want to stick to mechanical ways? Or do you want better results from powerful and intelligent marketing tools like the Mumara Campaigns?

 Use less, get more with Marketing Automation on Mumara.
A good cup at work is more expensive for the Company.

8. Unlimited Power Through Mumara

Marketing is easy with software like Mumara. Remember Mumara is a great tool but in order for it to work you need to invest in your mind and help it be steered in the right direction with your creative mind and human experience.

Email marketing automation with Mumara

However, Email marketing can be useless when it is too broad or generic. There has to be a human element to it. Join Mumara Business School for Free and learn how to get the maximum out of your Marketing Strategies. Read Also ‘How To Get A Day Back Every Week?’

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