Mumara Business School brings you 19 ways to grow business with email marketing. This guide has been designed to teach any beginner the power of modern email culture and how it transforms and stimulates today’s market.

so like any wise entrepreneur you want to grow your business exponentially then you should take this simple guide quite seriously. You can rely on it for great results and transformative brand performance.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing refers to the act of communicating through emails to inculcate a desire among recipients to buy the brand’s product and build a long-term relationship by willingly staying in the information loop. You can use email automation software like Mumara for the strategic implementation of email marketing. Mumara is high-powered and easy to use. It will give you intelligent reports and enormous creative potential to design, execute and review your strategy to grow your business with email marketing.

19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing | Mumara

Grow Business With Email Marketing

There are many benefits that a brand can avail through email marketing. Precisely these include: personalizing messages at a mass scale and sending them at the least cost to every contact that the brand may want to engage. This is too large a benefit to miss. Personalized marketing can help you optimize your strategy and zoom in on your target with greater accuracy. You can customize the message being sent unless a price cut is required and essential to make a purchase you would not have to incur it and this can prove to be very beneficial to building goodwill for your brand in the minds of the people.

Don’t let your customers forget you. be kind to them and they will be kind to you. However, you should not send a mindless, spammy, list of meaningless and valueless emails to your customers. Too many emails can disturb the customer. They can also irritate the customer into reporting you spam, unsubscribing, or starting to dislike your brand. This harms the reputation of your sending score and IP address as well as your brand image.

So it is best that you send carefully curated, optimized, and person-specific emails to your customers. Every email sent by you should add value to the customer’s life. If there is no value addition or meaningfulness in the emails sent then the customer will stop opening the emails or grow numb to them. Every email you send should be able to help you in relieving more customer appreciation and thus much more loyal contacts all-in-all.

Everybody wants to grow their business. So here are non-aggressive, effective, and creative ways to grow business with email marketing with a great amount of ease through marketing automation. So here are 19 creative ways to do it:

1. Welcome Emails

The first interaction with the recipient should be a pleasant and welcoming one. Create an email broadcast in Mumara and welcome your clients.

A warm welcome can be accompanied by added information about the brand. Instead of sending a single email at first, you can also schedule a series of broadcasts for your customers. After the first email, you may send another that briefly describes your website or values. This can act like a primer for the customer and they will be pushed to take a website tour. You can also let them know the frequency of emails that you will be sent in or the kind of expectations your brand has of them.

19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing | Mumara

2. Festive Wishes

Any time of the year is a good time to promote your brand. but the festive time is special. you can send holiday greetings, sales information, and promotional offers to your clients through automation. This is one of the essential marketing strategies that are to be kept up with as other businesses do too and the customers expect you to do so.

19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing | Mumara

3. Order Status Updates

if you want to take things up a notch you can integrate your eCommerce store with Mumara. This will enable you to send your customers updates on where their for is in the delivery process and help them get more excited and informed about your service.

4. Periodic Reminders

From time to time customers will switch up their brands. This means that there will always be a chunk of your potential or existing customers that have momentarily stopped buying your products because they are taking a break from you and into other things. This does not necessarily mean that the customer has changed their taste or that your products are out of fashion. This is just a small break in which you should remind your customers that you are still there.

19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing | Mumara

5. Product Recommendations

You can also hook Mumara up with your integrations directory and send customers automated messages relating to the products they were previously interested in. This has been known to boost sales by 70-80% in some cases.

19 Ways to Grow Business With Email Marketing | Mumara

6. Thankyou Emails

Email Marketing is a great way to keep your clients in touch. So even if the sale has been processed it is important that you have a series of Thankyou emails ready. Of course, if the customer buys your product it will want to get more from you.

You can accelerate the process by asking them if they have any comments, questions, or messages for the brand. You can ask someone to sift through these at a later stage. The thank you message that is considerate will allow the customer to know that the order has been successfully placed and that the brand will not leave it aloof.

7. Order Follow-ups

Even after the sale has been completed, sent and the customer has gotten your product you should be able to stay in the know. Staying in the know can help your brand by knowing if there is confusion or issue with any customer. You can get hands-on and deal with the issue before it turns into a major problem in terms of a legal or public scale. It can prevent the company from having to pay for damages or bare the murkiness of bad publicity.

8. Weather and Dynamic Updates

On slow business days, you can send out updates to the customer on popular local issues, social trends, and even based on the weather of their city. This can be a particularly customized message. All you need is a dynamic content tag and a set of rules designed to send this campaign to the entire list you make, at once but in an easily customizable way.

grow your business with Mumara | Mumara

9. Mutual Gratification Offers

You can tell the customer that you have found a way to solve their problem, but in return, the customer will pay you. since this involves mutual gratification for the customer and the brand this is a great way to keep the scores high. You can send the customer messages such as ‘additional 15% off on the sale of $100’ and more. This can pump the already willing customer to buy more.

10. Missing You Emails (Re-engagement)

When you feel like your customer is not showing any signs of life you need to wake them up. The scan helps in gaining sales from existing leads, in a more aggressive and result-demanding manner. Let them know that you have products left in your cart, that you have new products for them that they may like, that the prices have been updated, or that you miss them. Anything goes really.

Grow your business with Email marketing | Mumara

11. Credit-back Emails

Do you have a rewards system in place? Let them know that they have gained rewards after purchasing goods from you or because of spending an ‘x’ amount of time with your brand. Credits can make customers feel good and excite them up for buying Mr.

12. Notifications and Updates

Let your customers what is going on in your world. Are you shifting your warehouse, are you closing a line of products, or is your new range flying from another country, let them know. This is a gesture of appreciation and might stir some gossip and popularity about your brand among businesses.

Grow your business with email marketing | Mumara

13. Newsletters

You can also send your customers a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly newsletter. This is a great way to keep them engaged with good content from your side. but you should only do this if you have good content sense. or else all you will get is unsubscription and trolling. You can use Mumara’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder for creating impactful emails that actually gain conversions.

14. General Discount Coupons

If you feel like it has been a while since your customer last bought from you, you can also send them a general discount coupon to accelerate things.

15. Secret Discount Coupons

Furthermore, when you are asking the customer to register then you can also ask for extra details. These can help in sending them secret codes. Moreover, you can send secret discount codes to the subscribers on any other occasion as well. By offering them to add their birthday to receive special promotions on the birthday each year you are taking extra useful information. What you get is additional information that can be driven to increase sales and what they get is discounts and promotional offers.

Grow your business with email marketing | Mumara

16. Customer-First Approach

You can get hands-on and deal with the issue before it turns into a major problem in terms of a legal or public scale. It can prevent the company from having to pay for damages or bare the murkiness of bad publicity.

17. Scalability

With Mumara you can expand and grow your business with email marketing at a rapid speed. This makes the sending activity much more scalable. No big business sends emails individually and manually. Yet, every business sends personalized emails. So the best way to do this is through a powerful juggernaut such as Mumara.

18. Time-Saving

You can save your time with email marketing as it continues with the correspondence in the background without having to call or text each customer.

Grow your email marketing | Mumara

19. Resource Reduction

You can save time and invest it in more valuable places and this results in more sales and better resource usage. Both of which can help in expanding the business.

Tell us if you loved these 19 Ways To Grow Business With Email Marketing or is there another way that you like to do things? Comment and let’s talk about marketing that matters. Read about drip marketing heaven.

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