There is a lot of debate worldwide on how many emails are good emails. Every one of the 3,000 companies that have worked with us want the answer to this question. People search for this on our sites, in our support queries, on our social media pages and so on. There are global laws to explain the answer to this question to users across the world. But, the issue remains, no marketer has been able to place a limit or range on this question. People really do not know how many email promotions are good email promotions.

Thought Experiment: What about you?

Take your own example, when was the last time you opened an email? Apart from transactional emails containing messages that we know contain the exact information that we may be looking for, who checks the emails from brands and businesses? At times with Inboxes like Google’s the emails get tossed into the promotions tab. Yahoo mail or Outlook have their own settings. And, these are just a handful of options from the global email service providers and inbox options.

Zero Inbox Obsession vs. No time for life

In addition to how the email service providers plan the system, the users each have a unique mix of notification and sorting setting going on. Is this good or is this bad? Let’s get into that later. Before we discuss the issue in greater light to solve let’s understand this first. People do not open their emails knowing they may contain spammy content. They at times mark them read without even reading them or opening them. Some people do have an obsession with the Zero Inbox status where no email is left unread or unopened. At times people get a bit too OCD with their digital footprint.

Where do Email Promotions fit in?

In all of this, how does marketing survive and is it even worth the effort? You may be looking for a yes, or no answer. But, well is there anything that is black or white only? Not in the conventional post-modern world, nothing is. We have highlighted the problem and thus, we must give you the solution to walking away with comfort. Email marketing is less like a gamble where you do not know the odds and more like a calculated puzzle where the end result is predetermined but still based on the way you assemble the components.

Gamble Vs. Puzzle

Getting email promotions right:

In order to get email promotions right you need to focus on various components of your email marketing strategy. This in itself is a broad list of actions that you need to take for your business.

We can categories the things and actions needed in two main sections. One is related to your business logic, objectives and products. The other is related to the skill and craft of the email promotion and marketing systems. In order to handle both effectively, we are going to help you pan out the roadmap and then go from there.

Without further ado let’s get into the not so trivial business side of things first to get it out of the way.

Business Logic and Email Marketing:

In order to effectively do this, you will need to invest some thinking into your core principles. This is not as complicated or abstract as it sounds. Just use a simple matrix to analyse your business standing. Are you a luxury brand or a basic need-based product? Are you a unique product or business or is your market saturated and filled with similar businesses.

If your market is filled with a lot of similar businesses then this guide can help you manoeuvre better. If you are a luxury good then you must remember that as your core principle is delivering premium products or services. Similarly, if you correspond to a basic need then your core principle is resonating and catering to the basic needs of individuals through your product. Once you understand these principles then you will be able to devise a strategy that does not conflict with your overall brand purpose.

Having an integrated marketing communication strategy or IMC policy will help you in ensuring that your email marketing corresponds to the product that you are delivering among other things. Once your product, offers and the content including the textual and visual design of the email are ready and in sync with the brand purpose then you are ready to head into phase 2 of creating the right email marketing strategy.

Phase 2: Email Marketing Skill and Tactics

We have a lot of literature handy on how to create the best email marketing campaigns using Mumara Campaigns and Mumara One. However, at the moment in order to prevent any off-tangents let’s put it down here for you. Let’s see how to plan your email promotions so that they are effective and high value.

For efficacy you need to ensure:

  • The email is delivered to your audience
  • It is delivered in the right folder
  • The email is not marked as spam by the inbox/email service they use
  • It does not look fishy or low value to the user
  • The links within the email are operational
  • Image and Text both versions work
  • The subject is written to get you a good open rate
  • Preview text of the email matches the inner text

For Value you must ensure:

  • The email contains an offer that is likely to convert (Limited-time and Desirable offers)
  • The offer is clear (Content)
  • The path from the email to getting/purchasing the offer is clear within the email (Call to Actions)
  • There is no clutter in the email or in the message (Design)
  • Your offer is exclusively made for the email list not sent at random (Personalization)
  • There is relevance between the email and the user (Triggers, Actions and Events)

Having all of these components paired well and in cohesion to your overall brand message will promote your business in the inboxes of your email contact lists harmoniously. Good luck and happy emailing!

You can let us know if you need any help, assistance or solutions to your everyday email marketing needs. We are always here for you! For more information, you can log in to We keep our readers in touch with the latest marketing ideas, strategies and top of the line tools at the Mumara Business School, head on there to see more.

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