Everybody has a dream. Some dream to start the business of their dreams, and others convert their dream into reality. Are you one of those? Are you one of those who are able to convert their dream into reality? Or are you one of those who keep finding ways to complain and postpone their plans to start a business of your choice? Mumara Business School is here to help you move forward and take the leap of faith. Let’s start a local bakery business with Mumara One, send automation emails using the least possible resources.

And remember, resources are not just your time and money, they also include your labor, your brain, and your commitment. So how can you get the most out of your business plan and yourself? Well, here you go.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start Your Local Bakery Business

Any business coach is going to tell you that if you are ready to throw in the towel in the first 1-2 months of your business as you hit the ground running, you should not do it. You are not made for business if you are not willing to go far and put through the tough times and hard luck.

If you are looking forward to starting a local bakery business or running any business is 90% about your mindset and 10% about resources. Yet many entrepreneurs fail to do business because they plan their resources poorly. If resources which are not even everything you need to run the business are so important, imagine how majorly important mindset is going to be. You can use email automation to get more and more customers for your any of the local business.

Here’s the Mindset That We Need You to opt For

  • You do not need to do every little task on your own. Yes, you can automate your tasks. You can hire people sure, but you do not need to. Let technology help you do what you or ten other people can not do together and on a budget so tiny that your coffee costs more than it.
  • Design your strategy, stick to it and get ready to revise, edit and perfect it over time. Yes, you need to commit some time to it. Not labor time, but rather patience time whereby your audience responds to your marketing strategy as you sip your coffee, have you brainstorm sessions and perfect your cupcakes.
  • Your business does not need many resources. Only what works for you, doesn’t have to be expensive or paid or complicated. Use Mumara One, and send automation emails for your local business. Count on it to transform your brand strategy.
  • Be unique and relentless. If you are not willing to persevere you are not made for business. Your brand needs to stand out, this means you need to take some tough, bold decisions. Be quick on your feet and jump at opportunity without complaints.
  • Focus. If you want your startup to grow you need to detach from temptations to buy fancy office equipment, make expensive shop flyers, print business cards, and so on. Put your brain on things that will bring money to your business and not on the things that get money from you and put them into other people’s business.

Now that the mindset is clear, our principles are put down to paper, let’s get into the resources and what you are going to need to prove this dough right.


  • Time (To practice your recipes and finalize your products, not for marketing)
  • Money (To finance yourself and bear your own costs while you set up, not for the business)
  • Brain (To rely on Email Marketing automation, content creation, and Branding to gain customers)
  • Commitment (To your business and putting in the basic effort, automating the work, and going back to the drawing board when needed.)

No time means no business. A lack of money to fund yourself, and put food on the table while your business picks up will mean too much pressure, not enough patience, and extreme conditions. This will disrupt your mind and it will make you desperate, stuck, and uncreative. If you are safe playing or if your savings can not support you as you work on your business then don’t quit your job. Work on it and milk your income to get you through the tough times.

This is not as hard as it sounds. But, remember that nothing is worse than jumping into a business including a local bakery business that needs your creativity and your labor of love to get soaring high. If your commitment is being pulled into multiple directions then you are in trouble. You need your brain, your money, your time, and your commitment to your overall bigger purpose in place before you get to the strategy and setup of your business. Last but not the least, Email marekting automation can do the job for you to target your market.

Building Your Strategy From Day 0

Are you eager to launch your business? Good, now take a pause. Recall your day 0, are you doing your finances, costing, and recipe/product curation? Fine, that is not bad either. But, you need to make sure to add in one more exceptional element of success: Your Strategy.

Your marketing strategy or marketing plan will get you the clients, the hype, and the profits that you need. If you want your business to grow, the odds to be minimized, and the effort to be placed in the right place then we need you to put your strategy down on day 0.

Small businesses fail because social media posts will bring business. They also fail because they think a paid ad will get them sales. These businesses also fail because they hand out flyers to walking pedestrians or use crazy offers from day 1 like discounts up to 50% off. A big lol to that and no offense to anyone. But, this is not what will get you the sales.

local business marekting through Mumara | Mumara

Start a Local Bakery Business With Mumara One

Starting a local bakery business with Mumara One means no marketing costs. You write your copy, you publish it, you schedule it and as a small business owner, you get to do it for FREE.

  • Simply get an email list. All locals who want sweet and savory from you.
  • Design some cute graphics to go with your automated emails.
  • Put out some nice content, and publish it to Pinterest, Google my business, and your local city guides.
  • Create a reward program.
  • Offer something unique. Buy a box of donuts and get a mini donut box for free. Or customers can get their named donuts made on the third purchase for free. Anything that is Instgrammable for people will work here.
  • Now retain your customers through your newsletters and email promos. But not through selling, through content creation rather.
Local business marekting through email automtion |Mumara
Start a local bakery business with Mumara One

Do all of this and you shall see the power of direct marketing without selling. Even if you don’t have a real product and you start selling an amazing range of recipes or reviews online via your email newsletters you will see a great cult following you and this is not hard, or expensive.

Join Mumara Business School for Free and learn how to start other businesses just as we taught you how to start a local bakery business with Mumara One and get yourself a tonne of profits.

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