All you need to design your marketing strategy and craft informative, promotional, or transactional emails and harvest the fruit of success. Although email marketing comes up with a high return on investment ($42 on every $1 spent), it demands from you to be a little tricky. Keep reading to make your email more engaging!

Email marketing is among the top productive channels due to its effectiveness. The most important thing in this regard is that you do not need to follow a complicated set of norms and algorithms just like social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, etc.

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  1. How to make your email more engaging?
    • Make your email easy to scan
    • Make your message to the point
    • Create a sequence and story
    • Create a clear email header
    • Create a clear email footer
    • Use power language
    • Test your email campaign
    • Use colorful call to action
    • Show your social presence
    • Make your email marketing campaign mobile-friendly
    • Use the email marketing tool
  2. Conclusion

Rather, this is a cost-effective and time-efficient method to penetrate the hearts of the audience. Today, with the arrival of email marketing automation tools, you have the privilege to design a beautiful email campaign and send it to the right audience at the right time.

All you need to design your marketing strategy and craft informative, promotional, or transactional emails and harvest the fruit of success. Although email marketing comes up with a high return on investment ($42 on every $1 spent), it demands from you to be a little tricky.

Strategy is everything, my friend! For example, you come up with a great idea to influence your audience but do not choose the right automation tool or the right time for your email campaign. Your effort and idea will go in the waste.

When almost every business and brand is well aware of the advantages of email marketing, they use it. That is why around 333 billion emails are sent every day.

All you need to stand out in the market and make your email more interesting is to get a more open and click-through rate. This is what we discuss in this article, keep reading.

How to Make Your Email More Engaging?

Sometimes we do not sweat over crafting a fine email copy and sending it to the users. This trick does not work and it stands failure reducing the open and click-through rate. Sending casual emails without a proper layout and design can work when we send them to our family or friends.

But on the other hand, if you have to send a bulk email campaign to the audience, you have to show some professionalism. For that reason, you have to follow some predefined rules that make your email more engaging and interesting to make its mark in the eyes of the recipient.

Here are some useful tips that help you make your email more engaging:

Make Your Email Easy to Scan

It is an open secret that no one read the entire email text. Rather, people go through the email and scan the text to find the relevant information. Being a recipient we focus on the start of the email and try to get the message and we pay the least attention to the bottom text.

email marketing campaign | Mumara

To make your email more engaging, we suggest you use images, captions, or divide your text into paragraphs to make your message attractive and easy to digest by the recipients. Along with it, you can use bold, bigger, or different font sizes and styles to make certain parts outstanding.

This method will not only help in more engagement, rather, you will be able to get more sales also.

Make Your Message to the Point

An overloaded email is good for nothing. If you want to lose your audience, you are welcome to send lengthy and irrelevant emails to your users. Today, no one has enough time to read long paragraphs to grasp the actual message. What they want is to read a short and smart message that saves their time.

This can only happen when you put some effort into designing an email message. To overcome this problem, we suggest you send one message per email. This will force you to stay away from jumping here and there on the different messages and make your audience confused.

Rather, be focused on a single-point agenda. Further, if you have to say something more about the message you are sending, you can mention a link or call to action. For example, if you are sending a blog newsletter to your audience, you are not supposed to write whole the blog in the newsletter.

Instead of this, you need to mention a short summary of the prominent points of your blog and add a ‘read more’ button for the rest of the information.

Create a Sequence and Story

If you want to win the heart and attention of your customers, you need to create a sequence and a story in your email. It means that if your message consists of several parts, break down it in a way that your reader may find it like a story while going through.

sequence in email | Mumara

Too much irrelevant text can spoil the mood of your reader and they might lose interest in your email. While writing your message, use an inverted pyramid style to deliver information, i.e., most important, second most important, important, less important, and least important.

This will create a visual hierarchy in your message. All you need to arrange your email logically so that your reader finds it interesting.

Create a Clear Email Header

Your email header is the first impression when a reader opens up your email. It is your dire responsibility to make it memorable for the recipients. you need to do a lot of homework when you create an email header.

The reason is you should not change a header and use the same for your marketing emails. Your header must come up with your company’s logo, and a short description. Moreover, without changing the logo of your company, add some seasonal ornaments in your newsletter to make it more noticeable.

Create a Clear Email Footer

If you do not want to end up with your email in a spam folder, footers are a must. A footer is something that contains useful information about your company, a feedback option, and an unsubscribe link that tells a user what to do if he does not like to interact with you any further.

header and footer in email | mumara

Although a footer is not an actual part of your email, it must follow the design and style to look like an integral part. Unsubscribe link is mandatory in your email, if not mentioned, you can face the music.

So, all you need is to show some maturity and professionalism in your email and give a full package to the user from the header to the footer.

Use Power Language In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Humans show some special attachment and emotions towards certain words. If you use these words in the right place according to the text demand, you can cast a spell on the recipients. Before using these words, you need to set your goal.

Using power language trigger the emotions of the recipients and feel more engaged with the certain message. For example, “amazing”, “fearless”, “brave”, “caring”, “youthful”, “forbidden”, “ancient” etc. These types of words increase the emotional feelings of the users.

Along with it, there are certain words that exaggerate the situation, for example, “jaw-dropping”, “astounding”, “outstanding”, “lavish”, “astonishing” etc. While using these words a marketer needs to make them relevant to escape from the spam folder.

Test Your Email Marketing Campaign

Testing your email campaign will give you the best version to send to your audience to get a more open and click-through rate. A/B testing is a great way to test your email broadcast. By using this method, you will be able to find the finest version of your email.

A/B testing | Mumara

While testing your email campaign, you need to start testing from the header and subject line of your email. A subject line and email header are among the most important elements that a user sees in the first attempt.

While testing, you can experiment with different words and phrases to gauge engagement. Further, find the best time for sending your email campaign. It is useless to spend a lot of hours on designing an email campaign and send it at the wrong time where you get no engagement.

Similarly, personalization is the most important factor according to today’s data. People of today like personalized and customized emails.

This all can happen if you use a smart email automation tool like Mumara where you can design a beautiful campaign, test it, and send it instantly or according to the predefined time.

Use Colorful Call to Action

Call to action or CTA in your email to show your users a way forward. Designing a beautiful campaign and compelling message but leaving your users in the blind alley will make no benefit to your effort. All you need to mention is a clear and relevant call to action that helps your users to take further action.

Not only this, you need to make your CTA colorful so that it looks different and clear in all the emails. Here, you need to bear the fact in mind that every color has a different meaning and emotional appeal.

The email marketers focus a lot on the colors of the call to action according to its demand. One more important point is here worth mentioning using a single CTA in an email, will limit the choice for the user and they will not distract.

If there will be a lot of choices and CTAs, the subscriber will be confused to find the right one. So, all you need is to be consistent and make things easy and peasy for your customers.

Show Your Social Presence

If you add links or buttons to your social media accounts in the footer of your email, this will help your users to connect with you socially. What we suggest is that use social media cons in place of social media links.

social presence | Mumara

On one hand, this will consume minimum space, and on the other hand, the user will understand it more easily. Moreover, mention more than one social media link because this will bring a variety for the users to engage with you according to their choice.

Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Mobile-Friendly

Those days are gone when people used to read emails on the desktop. Although the desktop trend does not vanish, people of today perform more tasks on mobile including reading emails.

According to an estimate, more than half of the world’s population uses email and 90% of the American population owns mobile phones. Apart from America, the situation is all the same in other parts of the world.

So, we cannot ignore the potential that lies in optimizing email campaigns for smartphones. So, in order to increase engagement, you must make your marketing campaign mobile-friendly.

Use the Email Marketing Tool

After the above discussion, we are sure that you are ready to hit the market hard. Now is the time to sign up for a reliable email automation tool that helps your design a beautiful email campaign.

While choosing a marketing automation tool you need to be focused on the point that it must provide you with all the features that are necessary for your email campaign. Along with it, it needs to be easy to use and come up with email marketing campaign builders.

If you are looking for a tool that has all the aforementioned features, we suggest you use Mumara for the ultimate results and take your business to the next level.


To conclude, you need not be highly technical or a designer for email marketing. Rather, go for marketing automation tools that help in designing striking campaigns. Make your email text short and smart, use proper imagery, call to action, and arrange your email text in a sequence.

Making your email readable will ultimately increase engagement. When your email is ready, run A/B testing and select the best version of your email campaign. To perform all these tasks, sign up for Mumara and stand out in the market.

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