Sometimes emails do not get delivered for one reason or another and bounced back in the shape of hard bounces, or soft bounces.

Email marketing has revolutionized marketing sense, and brought up new horizons of digital success. People of today can speak to the brands, and seek solutions for pains. Although email is one of the best channels to connect, sometimes we face some sending problems also.

Businesses and some individuals rely more on emails other than telephone for the communication. Email-sending problems can occur when there is any issue with your account or configuration problem with the email client.

While sending you to face an issue, it is difficult to blame any of the entities between the email account, or the software you use to access your email account. There are different types of errors that you can come across when your email sending gets failed.

Some of them are easy to be diagnosed while others take some extra time to investigate. Email follows a non-confirming message delivery protocol. It means that there are both possibilities that either your email will deliver to the recipient or not.

Sometimes emails do not get delivered for one reason or another and bounced back in the shape of hard bounces, or soft bounces.

In this article, we shall find some common email-sending problems, and the best possible ways to resolve them. Keep reading!

Table of Contents

  1. Email sending problems and their solutions
    • Email stuck in the outbox
    • Delayed emails
    • Unable to send attachments
    • Unable to open the attachments in the email
    • Sent an email but it doesn’t deliver
    • Mishandling emails
  2. Conclusion

Email Sending Problems and Their Solutions

Here are some of the common email-sending problems along with the tested solutions. Read them one by one:

1. Emails Stuck in the Outbox

Outbox is the folder where the outgoing emails shifted that are not yet delivered. Although, this is a common yet annoying issue one can face. Sometimes, the situation gets worsens when the emails do not deliver and they are not found in the outbox folder too.

email sending problems - emails stuck in the outbox | Mumara
Email Sending Problems & Solutions

Taking the former situation into consideration, if you find your emails stuck in the outbox, the first thing you need to do is to check your internet connection. Also, if you want to send a heavy file, with a slower internet connection, we suggest you put that item in Google Drive and share a link with the recipient. Send a link in the email will be processed better than sharing the actual file in the email. That is not the only case when your email can be stuck in the outbox.

Sometimes, an antivirus can be the issue. An antivirus plugin installed on the email software pushes the email to the outbox every now and again. If you are sharing the link in the email instead of the larger files, and still find the emails in the outbox instead of the sent folder, go and change your antivirus.

Further, never ignore the SPF record checker in order to verify the safety of the domain of your company to nullify all possible issues.

2. Delayed Emails

Delayed emails often create frustration for both the sender and recipient. Sending email campaigns to all the clients and delivering to some or no one can be troublesome. The reason behind this is that it can ruin your business reputation with a twist.

Once you are caught up by this issue, it arouses a sense of uncertainty for the team because they have to double-check every time if the emails are delivered to 100% of contacts. If you or your team have to check the results manually, we are afraid you are not standing on the winning side.

The reason behind this is that it will be a hectic and exhausting task. Here you may ask for the solution. We suggest you use Mumara. Using Mumara will not only give you the best delivery results but also the full results of your email marketing campaigns in real time.

3. Unable to Send Attachments

All email clients need an email server. It means that this is somehow a tricky process. You send an email your email client sends to the email server, the server sends that email to the recipient’s server, and your recipient finally gets the email. These servers come up with different restrictions and security settings.

unable to send attachments in the email | Mumara
Email Sending Problems & Solutions

When you send attachments, sometimes they get caught by server policies and didn’t deliver to the recipients. Another thing that can be problematic in delivering the attachments can be the file size. If you are sending dozens of pictures as an attachment in the email, there are chances that they will not be sent in one email.

There is also some chance that some of the servers may accept it happily to deliver this larger chunk of files. Here, you will not be knowing beforehand whether the server will deliver those files or not. All you need is to do some arrangements yourself to save yourself from the frustration.

The best possible solution for this email-sending problem is to divide those pictures into smaller chunks and send them through several emails.

4. Unable to Open the Attachments in the Email

It is another email-sending problem. Sometimes, you receive an email with an attachment but are unable to open it up. For that purpose, you need to confirm if there is really any attachment sent by the sender.

We are sure that you have used Outlook. If yes, you might be aware of the mysterious attachments such as “eml” in the emails. These are actually not the attachments but the stationary files by Microsoft to provide some decoration.

These attachments cannot be opened by you, and we suggest you not bother about them because there is nothing serious for you to be worried about. On the other hand, if there are really some attachments but you are unable to open them up, there are many chances that your antivirus has restricted them to be opened. Go to the settings of your email service providers and allow opening the attachments.

5. Sent an Email but It Doesn’t Deliver

When you send an email make sure that the email address you have written is correct if the recipient is not in your contact list. What will happen if you send an email to an email address that might have some typo? The email will be bounced back as a soft bounce.

email sending problems and soultions - sent email but it does not deliver | Mumara
Email Sending Problems & Solutions

This is a temporary issue that can be corrected by sending your email again after giving the right email address. Another email-sending problem in this regard can be spamming through your IP.

If you have been involved in sending spam emails in the past, there is a possibility that you are “blacklisted”. Moreover, notify the recipient through another mode of communication that he must check the spam folder.

6. Mishandling Emails

This is not a technical email-sending problem. Rather, it is about misusing the email that most organizations face without even knowing the intensity. This issue arises when you do not use CC and reply functions accurately.

People send emails by tagging many people without any specific reason and forget to click the “reply all” button. It is also not a good practice to use email for general communication within the organization.

We suggest you use Slack, Hangouts, or other similar services that are known for instant communication.


Email is a famous and one of the most effective ways of communication winning hearts for decades. Sometimes a user may face email sending problems that we have discussed in the above lines with the possible solutions.

You can also use Mumara for your email marketing automation process where you will enjoy the best email marketing system with more reliability. All you need is to sign up, design beautiful emails yourself, or use ready-to-use email templates.

Here you will not be needing any team to handle your campaigns and check everything manually, rather, send and get real-time results. Start today, and sign up now!

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