“An email blast is one email likely to be sent to many people without segmenting an email list, and having no strategy.” The other terms that are used for the email blast are bulk emails, blast, mass emails, email campaigns, etc.

Email blast is being used as one of the major components of email marketing strategy. Marketers are at crossroads when they define the advantages and disadvantages of blast email marketing. Some the email marketers like it, and others hate it under some given circumstances.

Setting aside both views, an email blast has a special place and importance in a marketing program. McKinsey & Company says that email blasts can bring you 17 percent more conversions than other social media campaigns, and these stats must not be neglected anyways.

Now, the question arises as that are these blasts are still useful. This is a question that needs to be answered to prove one’s point, and in the upcoming lines, we shall be discussing it. Evidently, blog sites extract a lot of advantages through it when they blast.

They get rewards in the shape of much-needed traffic on the website. There is a lot of discussion on the web to prove whether email blasts are a healthy, or a valueless way to inspire users.

In this article, we shall discuss what is email blast, is and how to do it right to make it successful to boost your conversions. Dive deeper for the details.

Table of Contents

  1. What is an email blast?
  2. Are email blasts a thing of the past?
  3. How to send an email blast that brings success?
    1. Choose a reliable email blast service
    2. Don’t call it an email blast
    3. Create an email list
    4. Segment your email list
    5. Include a CTA
    6. Keep an eye on the stats
    7. Add an unsubscribe link
  4. Conclusion

What Is an Email Blast?

An email blast or eblast is an act of sending a single email message to the entire email list at once. While sending this message, no email marketing strategy is followed, which is why sometimes it is said to be spamming.

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The common definition of an email blast is “An email blast is one email likely to be sent to many people without segmenting an email list, and having no strategy.” The other terms used for the email blast are bulk emails, blast, mass emails, email campaigns, etc.

Some people may not like the word ‘blast’ and that is why marketers use a soften term for it ‘Email Campaigns.’ Although email blasts are around for a long, the true momentum they caught after the success story of Gary Thuerk as they made $13 million by using the email blast strategy.

Many of the marketers felt the desire for email campaigns, and Mumara made it easy for you. If you use Mumara, you will be able to create your email list in an easy peasy way. Further, we enable you to send your email campaigns using the HTML Editor, or Drag & Drop Builder. You can also use pre-made templates on Mumara use them for your email marketing campaigns.

Are Email Blasts a Thing of the Past?

No matter how important a feature of an eblast can be in your marketing strategy, there are many who consider it a thing of the past. The reason behind this is that bulk emails are sent to the recipients without knowing their intentions, priorities, and choices.

That is the thing that makes email blasts irritating thing, and mostly these messages land in the spam folder. Other than this, let us say some of the messages might land in the inbox, but when the recipients find them annoying or irrelevant, they will mark them spam.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t like an eblast is that these messages are not sent to the segments. Email list segmentation is a highly sophisticated technique, where you can send your messages to the right people.

While sending the email blast, marketers do not take care of this factor, and they send it to all and sundry on an email list. Further, bulk emails are usually sent to the users without personalization. These emails are received in a general way, where the sender addresses the recipients in the same way.

The users who receive eblasts feel resistant to them because they don’t expect these messages. When you create an email list, there are possibilities that the particular list may have all types of subscribers.

It means that you may have users of different age groups, different professions, different likes & dislikes, and different behaviors. You cannot send the same message to everyone. But yet again, if you run your email campaigns in a standard way, you can make a lot out of it.

How to Send an Email Blast That Brings Success?

Almost every type of business, be it small, or large, still, use email blasts to promote their products or services. In this way, they obtain excellent results out of this strategy by getting more sales when viewed the product promotions by many.

If you are an email marketer, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to make success through an email blast:

1. Choose a Reliable Email Blast Service

Reliable email automation software is the first resort for your successful email blast strategy. A reliable email blast service is one that allows you to create an email list, provides a segmentation facility, offers a readymade email template, and permits you to send your email blast.

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Although there are many email marketing automation services available in the market, a few are there that provide you with one service. Among all those compact marketing automation services providers, Mumara stands tall due to its unique features, and easy-to-handle infrastructure.

It helps you use its stout analytical features to view all the needed stats in real time. We have built an infrastructure that can be used by users even with minimal technical knowledge.

By using the pre-made email templates, you will be able to edit them to make all of yours without knowing any coding language. Here you can rely on the platform that helps you make your ordinary email blast looks professional for greater success.

2. Don’t Call It an Email Blast

Although the email blast serves the same meaning as email campaigns or bulk email, you need to avoid calling it an email blast. A blast is the explosion of something, and here it means the email, but it still doesn’t give a positive meaning.

This is one of the best tips marketing analysts can give you for your email marketing. Your subscribers expect respect from you, and you should serve them the way they desire. Otherwise, you have to bear the brunt in terms of spam reporting, or unsubscribes.

That is why winning the recipients’ trust through a soft term like bulk email, will define the same goals. When you frequently use the term email blast, it will sound like you are not feeding the users with valuable content.

3. Create an Email List

After selecting an email software, now is the time to create your email list. When you use Mumara, you can add your contacts to the list one by one, or you can also import a CSV file to your database. Also, we don’t suggest you send your email campaigns to the purchased email lists.

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The reason behind this is that on one hand, you will be sending an email blast, and on the other hand on the purchased list, a list of those users who probably don’t know anything about you. When you create your own email list, you will be able to use it the way you desire.

4. Segment Your Email List

Email list segmentation is one of the best ways to make your email blast successful. Sending an email campaign to the entire list without knowing the appropriateness of your email would be meaningless without any doubt.

When you segment your email list, it will create small groups or virtual lists other than the main email list. When you create different segments in the email list, it will make it possible for you to send relevant information to the targeted audience.

Segments in your email list can be created based on gender, location, profession, hobbies, likes & dislikes, purchase history, etc. For example, if you run an online book store, you can divide your customers into different segments according to the different subjects, i.e., English Literature, Math, or Physics to send them the relevant emails.

Email segmentation is the finest way to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

5. Include a CTA

After inculcating the email blast strategy finely, your user will open up the email. When the recipient opens the email do not leave him alone. Rather, keep moving with him throughout the journey and help him take some action. For that reason, include a clear call to action (CTA) in your email.

6. Keep an Eye on the Stats

Is it enough to send an email campaign and think the work is done? Sorry! That is not sufficient. Instead, you have to keep an eye on the stats coming out of your campaigns to make sure that the strategy is working. If you keep these stats in view, you will be able to improve the deliverability of your email blast by resolving the issues if found any.

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7. Add an Unsubscribe Link

Sending emails to uninterested users always hurts your credibility. When a user doesn’t like your message, he will get frustrated. By then he looks for the unsubscribe button. Upon finding the no unsubscribe option, there are more chances that the user will report your email as spam.

Spam reporting is highly dangerous for the sender’s reputation, therefore, gives a safe passage to uninterested users. There can be various reasons why your users unsubscribe from the newsletters such as irrelevant emails, or too many emails. You need to give the leaving subscribers a safe passage and send your email blasts to users who are actually interested in receiving them.


To conclude, we can say that email blast is a negative thing when you do it in the wrong manner. On the other hand, if you do it rightly, it can bring a lot of positivity to your business. You can customize your email list by creating various segments based on different criteria.

Further, instead of sending your messages roughly, you need to design your email blast the way your users demand.

We suggest you use Mumara where you will be able to create an email list, design an email campaign, and send it to the users of your choice. Get started now

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