Do you run a small business? Well, great because we are here to eliminate all your small business mind blocks for you. Here are the first 13 of the100 small business pain points and how to deal with them using Mumara.

So, let’s dive right into it!

Small business problems and solutions | Mumara

1. We Don’t Have Enough Money

Every business thinks that they do not have enough capital. But it is the job of the entrepreneur to think of Avante Garde ways to make their existing capital work for them. If you have a small business and you are looking to solve every one of your pet peeves then this guide is for you.

More importantly, Mumara is for you. And, for SMEs Mumara One is free. So get ready to enjoy an interesting marketing journey along with every single customer of yours using the best tool that there is without spending extra on the tool or your team.

Let’s get into the rest of the small business pain points that Mumara can solve for you.

2. We Are Not Able to Get New Customers

Yes, this is the number one concern for new and small business that they are not reaching enough customers and definitely not converting new customers. You can solve this simply by making sure that you have a spot on, automated and low effort marketing plan in place for the new customers. This can be done within Mumara, following some simple steps. Learn more here.

3. We Are Not Able to Keep Existing Customers

If customer retention is your problem then you need two things: One, exceptional marketing campaigns designed to retain the existing customers and Two: a crazy good grip on the Analytics of your marketing efforts. Mediocre products sell exceptionally well when the right customer is in place and seeing the right kind of message at the right time. For this, your marketing efforts should be rooted in the right place and getting adequate support from the right CRM tools for analytics. Here’s how to learn how to do that with ease.

4. Our Revenues Are Too Low

You will need to reach more people, and throw out the right message to all these members of your targetted market. The marketing funnel will help you in designing the drips needed. Once you understand that you can raise the prices as well as the number of sales.

The right way to do this is through first redefining your branding and then redoing the pricing. You can do both together but the customer needs to be prepared to hear the new prices before you reveal the new prices.

5. Revenues Are Ok, but Profitability Sucks

Many businesses tend to ignore their profitability margins until it’s too late to change. If you have been stuck in a rut like that then you need to know that it is possible to get out.

For this purpose again, you can start basic drips that allow the customer to get used to the new incoming information regarding the prices and then you are going to be able to raise it smoothly and with adequate preparation.

6. Our Employee Turnover Is Too High

Employees need constant petting. If you are not putting in the right amount of cuddles to your employees if you are a small business then they will leave. This is because your employees need to know what is up and they need to hear that they are important. If they did not care about recognition and intimacy then they would have worked at a larger firm. In order to fix this you can start non-customer drips.

Now, this is a new and effective way to deal with your employees in a scalable way. Look for triggers you can use and occasions based on what is happening in your firm. You can then set up the campaigns to make sure that you are on top of the employee engagement as well.

7. I Am Burning Out, I Need to Sell This Business

If you are doing too much and you are in the middle of things then it’s time to realize. Not realize that it is time to close or shut down your business, but that it is time to reduce the work you are doing, see which areas need automation and can use automation and then going all-in into them.

Automating your marketing efforts or handing over some of the scalable tasks such as customer relationship management to the clients you can save up on time and optimize the workflows for your team.

8. My Business Partner Won’t Listen

If you are having disagreements with your business partner then you need to make sure that you are speaking out of data and numbers and not out of emotions. If your business partner wants the best for your business then you both will let the numbers win. For this you should track all your customers and subscribers.

You need to make sure that the data you have shows the people interested in the campaigns, include relevant links in the emails, check out the user activity and stay on top of things.

9. We’re Having Quality Issues With Our Products

So if you have hit the rock bottom and you are having problems with your products then all you need is an emotional, heartfelt campaign that helps you console the customers who have been affected by the faulty products. Whether you are going to include any cheesy marketing gimmicks, coupons or damage control tactics, that is up to you. But, emotional campaigns can help you a lot.

10. Our Website Is Horrible

Well, a lot of websites are. It doesn’t stop the businesses from selling, what is does do is that it cripples the brand image and reputation. In the digital world you gotta have an exceptional website and digital experience. You can easily build an amazing website with Mumara using the landing page builder and the hosting that comes with it. A complete revamp should only take a few hours if not minutes.

11. We’re Constantly Out of Office Supplies or Other Materials

If you have a stock situation at the office where you need snacks, office supplies or other things then you can automate your restock request to your local suppliers and schedule that using the email scheduling in Mumara. Since you are already maintaining your customers and employees in Mumara, you can also include a separate list for your suppliers and send them a request to deliver a standard amount of say coffee, stationery or so on.

12. We Need to Move to Bigger Space

So you are moving to a bigger space, then you will need to manage your team and your tentative clients. You will need to send out an email campaign regarding the possible inconveniences and you will then have to get everyone who will be affected in the process.

13. I Think Some of My Employees Are Drug Addicts

A subtle drug policy will help you with a great deal of information out there. You can simply email all your staff members about your views on drug abuse. Once you do you can then follow up with a self-enrollment in an anonymous program of your choice or their choice. If this is too close to home for you then you can also conduct drug protection boot camps, involve counsellors to help and so on.

Small business pain points | Mumara

So these were some of the common problems that small businesses face. They can choke up their success especially in an early stage of the company. If you are interested then stay in touch because we have more of these tips and tricks rolling in to deal with more these small business pain points as well.

We have 77 other things that Mumara can help you with. Stay in touch!

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