There is no rocket science in designing an effective marketing strategy, all you need is to understand the geo-location, desires, and personas of the audience to send the right emails that convert.

Little or no conversion is the most annoying part of email marketing. To be honest, it should frustrate you if you are not getting a good conversion rate because marketing efforts are done for the outcomes. Many marketers do not get the desired results because they do not employ the actual strategy with the emails that convert.

Email marketing is highly effective and tends to be a game changer for many businesses who were finding it hard to make their mark in the market. More than 4.2 billion world population uses emails and it has huge potential to make you prosper.

All you need is to design your message in a way where the recipient finds it relevant and takes some action on the available CTA. There is no rocket science in designing an effective marketing strategy, all you need is to understand the geo-location, desires, and personas of the audience to send the right emails that convert.

There are many brands using email marketing and getting enough return on investment, at least $42 for every $1 spent. On the other hand, many businesses are unable to find their feet even after spending a lot on this channel, getting no results.

It means that the problem is not with the channel, it is the wrong strategy that doesn’t allow you to move successfully.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss some of the tested practices to write emails that convert.

Table of Contents

  1. Best practices for how to write emails that convert
    • Decide your audience
    • Segment your email list
    • Write an attention-grabbing subject line
    • Nail the preview text
    • Personalize your email
    • Decide your objectives
    • Use a clear CTA
    • Address the pain points of the users
    • Use psychology in email marketing
    • Be conversational
  2. Conclusion

Best Practices for How to Write Emails That Convert

According to the stats, around 97% of email users check their mailboxes regularly. To engage these more than 97% of the users, give your 100% – believing that email marketing increase customer retention.

It is one of the channels that help you connect directly with your customers. Although the benefits are countless, you have to pay some extra attention to unlock them with the inch-perfect email design with all the essentials.

Here are some of the best practices to write your emails that convert:

Decide Your Audience

The biggest mistake copywriters commit is that they do not research the intended audience before they sit to write an email. Trying to be too creative is good for nothing if you do not put yourself in the recipient’s shoes.

decide your audience for emails | Mumara

This is not out of the question that many others commit the same mistake leading to the ultimate failure. Some marketers play smart by keeping the user’s pains and personas in mind and thinking something out of the box.

You must go with the latter mindset to grab the attention of your audience to the fullest. If you are unaware of your audience, it means that you are not good enough to address the actual issues of your customers. When it happens, it means that you will not be able to write the emails that convert.

Segment Your Email List

After deciding your audience, you will have full control of the effective strategy where you will be able to segment your email list. Email list segmentation is one of the finest ways to target the right audience for more conversions.

For example, you have an email list with thousands of subscribers from all over the world. What will be the use of your email campaign if you send it to all the subscribers in the list? You have to think twice to do so.

Make sure that your list is properly segmented according to the users’ preferences, hobbies, geo-location, designation, job nature, age group, etc. It will help you send the right information, to the right audience, at the right time.

Further, by availing of the benefit of list segmentation, you can send personalized emails. Personalized emails give you a six times better conversion rate as compared to non-personalized emails. Segments can also be created based on the activity, and engagement of the users with your email campaign.

It will help you design your message according to the different levels, i.e., new users, active, inactive, close to purchasing, in the buying process, etc. This all is possible when you use an intelligent email marketing tool such as Mumara. Mumara helps you get the real-time results of your email campaigns to notice the performance.

Write an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

The email subject line is the first thing your audience notices when it lands in the mailbox. 33% of the recipients open up the email based on the attention-grabbing subject line. No matter how beautifully you design your email body, it will be of no use if the recipient doesn’t open it.

write attention grabbing subject lines | Mumara

The subject line is often called the face of your email. You need to make it a perfect sight for the sore eyes so the receiver feels compelled to open it instantaneously. Never hesitate to use emojis in the email subject line.

The reason behind this is that it will make your email stand different in the mailbox. While using emojis, give due attention to various factors so that they must not be misused. Write your subject line carefully within 50 or fewer characters, incorporating a sense of urgency, relevance, and personalized content to increase open and click-through rates.

Nail the Preview Text

Not only subject lines, but the preview text is also important for your emails to convert. A preview text or email preheader must tell something about the actual email.

Most often, the preview text is the first line of the email that copywriters write very carefully. While using Mumara, you can write the preheader separately that you want to show your users in the mailbox. 

Personalize Your Email

Personalized emails are the best way to get the instant attention of your targeted audience. Many brands are there that do not send personalized emails and are deprived of the ultimate results.

 Previously, this was not an issue to send generic emails but today due to the availability of email marketing software, you have to send personalized emails to win the game.

According to an estimate, a user receives 100 emails every day. You have to stand out of those hundred senders to get the attention of your emails that convert. Include your recipient’s name in the email so that they feel that the message is designed for them.

Other than adding the name, send emails from the individuals instead of the company. The reason behind this is that the message sent from the individual looks friendly whereas the message from the company gives promotional feelings.

Decide Your Objectives

One of the common mistakes in email marketing is that some marketers do not identify their objectives and share more than one. Upon this, the recipients get confused and they lose their interest in your email campaign.

decide your goals and objects | Mumara

More than one objective can be discussed in the informative newsletters. This approach is not usable for urgent emails.

Use a Clear CTA

A clear CTA is highly necessary for sales conversion. Writing a compelling email is nothing without a call to action. Use an accessible email approach when you design your CTAs for the emails that convert.

Using multiple calls to action is another problem for the sales process. If you use more than a call to action, the user will get confused to find the right one. Studies say that the recipients act rapidly on the verb-oriented CTAs, i.e., buy, order, sign up, etc.

Instead of using a link, we suggest you use a button with a different color so that it might be seen differently than other text. Make sure that your call to action is colorful, and simple so that more customers click on it.

Address the Pain Points of the Users

You must learn the art of writing a convincing email where you address the pain points of the recipients. People are not interested in your product if it doesn’t address their issues. Discuss the value of the features and the differences they can create in the lives of the users.

That is why you need to use compelling language in the emails that convert. If you have some magic to solve the users’ problems, come up with it, otherwise, they will take no notice of your efforts.

Use Psychology in Email Marketing

Human brains respond to some specific types of input. Psychology plays a major role in email marketing. The factor of fear of missing out is one of the major factors that compel the users to click the link at the earliest.

spychology in email marketing | Mumara

Create some scarcity in your email so that majority feel deprived and click out of curiosity. Use a decent color in the emails that must give some calmness and think to the users. Color choice tells a lot about you and your brand. Take some time to choose fine colors instead of louder ones.

Be Conversational

Email marketing opens up a two-way process of communication. If you will make it one-sided, it will be harmful to you. Therefore, be conversational with the recipients and hear them as well.

Do not use jargon and technical language in your message, rather, speak in a way that the recipient is sitting next to you. Using difficult language will not make your emails that convert. Rather, the audience will get annoyed with your emails.


In a nutshell, there are no hard and fast rules for the emails that convert. All you need is to go with the tested practices that make it easy for you to win the market. Write a first-class email copy that compels the users to take some action.

Emails on the segmented list, with a perfectly designed email, subject line, preheader, and call to action are highly necessary. Use Mumara for your email marketing process to create a win-win situation for you.

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