Multiple factors involve in the decision making, and it varies from person to person based on the needs, personality, and pain points. It would be great if you learn the basic principles of psychology and apply them to your email marketing strategy.

Psychology plays a major role in understanding your users, and covert them to boost your sales. That is why it is said that psychologists don’t have to be marketers but marketers need to have some knowledge of psychology.

Knowing a thing or two about it will bring a better experience in marketing. Human beings are social creatures, and they keep emotions for special products. Taking care of these emotions is necessary to optimize sales through an effective marketing strategy.

Human psychology is being used for years to increase reach. Customer psychology is highly helpful in email marketing, and marketers have to try harder to get the customers’ attention to increase the conversion rate.

We see that there are different products available in the market. Not every customer likes the same color and product, and you have to target everyone differently. For example, if a person doesn’t like to wear sunglasses, you should avoid sending him email campaigns related to sunglasses.

Once you understand the psychology behind what your users need, you will be able to design your content accordingly to win the hearts of the audience.

After getting the basic information about customers’ needs, we suggest you use Mumara for your email marketing campaigns to land in the mailboxes.

Here, we shall discuss the psychology of email marketing, and the latest hacks for a better sales experience.

Table of Contents

  1. What is email marketing psychology?
  2. How psychology in email improves performance?
  3. 7 latest psychological hacks for email marketing
    • Use the fear of missing out (FOMO)
    • Email personalization
    • Use of social proof
    • Work on some color psychology to grab the attention
    • Use appealing image
    • Come up with innovations
    • Never ignore the subject line, email copy, and CTAs
  4. Conclusion

What Is Email Marketing Psychology?

Understanding customer behavior is one of the key factors for marketing campaigns. You have to understand the basic science behind how users make decisions for purchasing a product. basic know-how of psychology plays a vital role in understanding user behavior.

psychology of email marketing | Mumara

Multiple factors involve in the decision making, and it varies from person to person based on the needs, personality, and pain points. It would be great if you learn the basic principles of psychology and apply them to your email marketing strategy.

From designing an email subject line to email content, CTA, and design colors, everything counts in making your email marketing strategy effective.

Conclusively, email marketing psychology is simply understanding the users’ behavior, and sending them the required content in order to boost sales.

How Does Psychology in Email Marketing Improve Performance?

Using psychology in email marketing improves open, and click-through rates. It increases the overall effectiveness of the marketing efforts that lead to more sales, and conversions. People learn from each other. So is the case in the purchase process.

That is why new buyers read the reviews before they make the final decisions. According to the stats provided by Bright Local, customers read at least 10 reviews online before they decide to trade or do business with the brand.

Not only this, 85% of the users take online reviews so seriously and they make up their minds accordingly. If you want to boost your sales, you have to provide the best user experience to get positive reviews from customers.

Reciprocity is another aspect to increase sales up to 20X. Reciprocity follows the concept “You help me; I’ll help you”. In this case, you offer free samples to increase your sales. The same concept can be applied to email marketing to boost sales.

Psychology in marketing is responsible for doing a lot for your business without any doubt. There are no hard and fast rules to understand this science, rather, you have to address the pain points of the audience to win their trust.

7 Latest Psychological Hacks for Email Marketing

Often find a shortcut to find the best outcomes for our decisions. Not only this, emotions take a great place in our decision-making process. There are many things that we purchase without any want but due to emotional attachment only.

This phenomenon is not limited to making sales and purchases; this is a factor that is also relevant to email marketing. We do not read all the emails land in our mailbox, rather, we go for the selective ones that we feel are relevant and interesting.

You have to find the psychology behind what makes your email attractive to get clicks, and this is the purpose behind writing this blog. Here are some latest psychological hacks that can be applied to your email to make your email marketing strategy more effective.

Read them one by one:

Use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out or FOMO is in the intuition of human beings. People take an instant action to avert the loss of something. You have to cash this situation and come up with FOMO in your message to attract more eyeballs.

Faer of missing out - email marketing psychology | Mumara

According to a study, the open rate increases up to 39% when you help your client relieve the fear of missing out. Let us understand this phenomenon through an example.

For example, you send an email with a subject line that says, “a special 40% discount for you”, although this is an attractive subject line, but it does not give any sense of fear of missing out. On the other hand, when you send another email with a subject line that says, “flash discount only for you-expires in two hours” this will definitely give a sense of missing out and the recipient will take instant action.

Many eCommerce businesses follow this strategy. They keep the fear of missing out factor in mind and promote their products in a different way. For example, they write “last piece left”. This gives an extreme sense of missing out.

Email Personalization

Personalization is one of the most effective elements to get instant attention and quick opens. Would you like to open up an email irrelevant to you? certainly not! People do not click unwanted emails.

You have to customize your content to show them that what you are sending is just for the person who is receiving the email. According to the available studies, 98% of marketers believe that personalization is one of the major factors to establish a long-lasting relationship with clients.

The reason behind this is that when you give your users a feel-at-home feeling, they will get attached to you. Many marketers apply this psychology in email marketing by adding personalization that ultimately boosts sales. Human beings get attentive when they are called by name.

For example, if your name is John, and when you are in a crowd, and someone calls you by saying “Hey there!”, there are many chances that you will not take notice of it. On the other hand, if someone says “Hey John!”, you will instantly try to find the person who calls your name.

Adding a personalized subject line, using the first name of the recipient, and addressing through language that has some feelings instead of a robotic outlook.

Use of Social Proof

As we discussed in the above lines people make purchases when they get inspired by other users’ reviews. If the reviews are positive, your sales will rise high, otherwise, vice versa.

use of social proof, reviews, and testimonials | Mumara

Social proof is an important factor to influence the audience psychologically when they look for others to validate the decision. There is no open secret that when people plan to buy a product, they go to the review section to see what people say about the product.

Therefore, it is best thing if you mention testimonials in your email along with social media buttons, and show off your awards, and nominations. The audience gets inspired by social proof, and you have to take care of it. After mentioning all the above-mentioned things, do not miss a CTA because at least you have to show a way forward to your audience.

Work on Some Color Psychology to Grab the Attention

Colors in marketing are another important factor to keep in mind. Around 60% of marketers are convinced that acceptance or rejection of a product or a service is solely based on the colors. Different colors have different emotional appeals, and marketers use them differently to influence the audience.

Almost every one of us knows that red color is the symbol of danger or urgency. That is why whenever we see a caution, it is written in red color. Likewise, the orange color is the symbol of aggressiveness, and when you use it in the email as a CTA color, people will likely push it. Blue on the other hand is the color of loyalty and trustworthiness.

That is why, when it is used in security and safety messages, more trust it due to emotional appeal. While going for color psychology, never ignore any segment, rather, pay equal attention to every component so that it comes up with a balanced approach.

Use Appealing Images

Visuals are more effective than words. We remember images more than the text associated with those images. If you rely on the text only, you will not get recognized by the users, they will get bored, and there are more chances that your email will be ending in a spam folder.

Use appealing and responsive images that may be shown accurately on every screen. Too much text or too many images play havoc with your email campaign. All you need to use is a fine ratio with the images that should be enough to grab the attention.

Come Up with Innovations

Innovation bias is an important factor to attract users. People get curious about new things. You need to come up with innovative ideas that should be enough to get instant attention.

innovative ideas | Mumara

For example, you go to a superstore to do your grocery and find a coconut shampoo in the new arrival section. No matter whether you need it or not, you will go to give it a shot out of the curiosity.

The same should be done for your email marketing. When you send an email campaign, do not beat about the bush. Rather, come up with a new idea every time to tell the users that you have something different to sell as compared to the other competitors.

Never Ignore the Subject Line, Email Copy, and CTAs

Email subject lines, email copy, and CTAs are important factors in an email campaign. The first thing that a recipient sees in your email is the email subject line. If your users are not attracted by the subject line, you will be standing on the losing side.

What if you work hard on the email copy, but due to the poor email subject line, no one opens up it? You have to work more on the subject line so that you get clicked instantly. For that reason, you can use emojis in the email subject line to stand different than others.

When a user clicks the email, he gets the overall feel including design, images, colors, language, etc. Use human feelings in the message instead of robot language.

When you convince the users with your message, they will look for the way forward. Here you will be needing a powerful and clear CTA that helps the user to advance to make a purchase.


In the end, we can say that psychology plays a major role in email marketing. If you want to get more sales, you have to keep yourself a step ahead of your competitors and address the pain points of your audience. For a better email marketing experience, use Mumara and boost your sales instantly, sign up today.

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