Emojis have become an integral part to express what the person exactly feels at the moment. Sometimes we go through a tough time; we have emojis to describe what we are feeling, the same is the case with the feelings of joy to express.

Emojis in email marketing is the latest and greatest way to add fun while communicating with the users. This gesture melts down the formal interaction and builds a pure friendly relationship that helps in growing fan following.

Table of Contents

  1. What is emoji marketing?
  2. Why use emojis in email marketing?
  3. Advantages of using emojis in email marketing
    • Emojis in email marketing increase brand awareness
    • Emojis occupy less space
    • Emojis act like body language
  4. Disadvantages of using emojis in email marketing
  5. How to use emojis in email marketing successfully?
    • Use uncommon emojis
    • Emphasize the key message
    • Understand your audience
    • Don’t use too many emojis
    • Test your emojis in email marketing
  6. Conclusion

The first emoji was created in 1999 by a Japanese mobile service provider company’s coder. Since then, we have seen various improvisations and innovations in creating new emojis. Emojis have a language and people do love them to use during conversations.

They have become an integral part to express what the person exactly feels at the moment. Sometimes we go through a tough time and we have emojis to describe what we are feeling, the same is the case with the feelings of joy to express.

Likewise, emojis in email marketing is nothing new and are being used for a while to increase engagement. There is a famous notion that an image is can be worth a thousand words- this fits the emojis as well.

Very often, we see the yellow beaming faces that our brains do not take too much time to realize what they are about. So, this is quite obvious that email marketers take advantage of these emojis in email marketing campaigns to make them more fruitful, attractive, and compelling. All you need to use tactfully to cast an everlasting spell on the minds of users.

What Is Emoji Marketing?

Emoji marketing has already gained a significant place and gradually engulfing the conversation process. according to an estimate, 92% of the internet users use emojis, and the rest of the 8% are old schools and others.

Emojis in marketing | Mumara

Emojis in email marketing and other channels of communication use emojis to create a friendly environment. That is the reason, many emojis are being created and used in day to day to communication. Not only this, another benefit of using emojis that we feel is mind-blowing is that it has just broken the language barriers.

For example, if you are in a good mood and send a smiley in return if someone sends you a greetings message, it will work for you. Emojis are not space-bound, a person sitting in the USA will take the same meaning from an emoji as a person living in Africa or any other place.

Further, it is the best way to get the attention of the users immediately when there is an emoji in the conversation. That is the reason using an emoji in the subject line or the copy of an email is one of the finest ways to increase engagement.

Why Use Emojis in Email Marketing?

The story started with 180 emojis when they were invented by a Japanese mobile service company. Today, more than 3.3 thousand emojis are live on the internet. Following the highly accepted trend in the market, Facebook and Twitter have already started using this with full zeal and zest.

These companies when sending emails, also use emojis to attract users. When we receive an email, we scan it thoroughly and get attracted to something usual. For instance, if the email sender has used a colorful call to action in the email, we shall stare at it for some extra time.

The same is the case with emojis. When we see them in the email copy, we shall try to eagerly read the text before and after that particular emoji. Emojis in email marketing are getting a special place because they are pleasing to the eyes.

When you see too many messages in your mailbox, which one first catches your attention? We are sure you will go with the one that has some unusual characteristics, i.e., an emoji. Furthermore, as we know that emojis are stand-ins for body language, which is why when we use them in our emails, it gives us a human touch.

Advantages of Using Emojis in Email Marketing

When we take notes from the email marketing experts, they tag emojis in email marketing as a messiah in one way or another. Constant improvements and improvisations are a better way to remain alive. That is why, when the users feel bored reading the long texts that decrease the appeal and engagement.

advantages of using emojis in marketing | Mumara

Emojis work as a savior and the users take some interest in the email. The biggest argument that email marketers build in the support of emojis in email marketing is that they increase the open and click-through rate.

According to Experian, there are 56% more chances of opening an email with an emoji in the subject line. Not only this, the products that use emojis in the advertisement, get as much as 44% more sales than the others.

From all the discussion we can conclude that where there is more visibility, there is a more open rate. Further, according to the different studies available on Google, we see that the open rate of the emails that have emojis in the subject line gets more open rate when people are on vacation.

That is the time when they look at jazzier messages as compared to the plain. This is the time when they are happy and relaxed to read the messages that have some lighter aspects than having an intense appeal. Similarly, when there is a special occasion, for example, Valentine’s Day, the subject lines that have some roses or kisses will get more attention as compared to the others.

The reason behind this is that in the busy hours of life everyone looks for leisure in everything. That is why no one likes to read long messages with no arrangements for entertainment.

Some of the other benefits are as under:

Emojis in Email Marketing Increase Brand Awareness

As mentioned in the above lines that more visibility means more open rate. Where the open rate increases, it means that your brand is getting enough attention from the audience. When there is more attention that means more brand awareness.

Another benefit is using emojis in the email subject line is that no matter whether a person opens it up or not, it is obvious that the users will take notice of your email. So, if the email will remain unopened, your brand name will remain open in the minds of the audience.

Emojis Occupy Less Space

We have noticed that the mobile phone has taken the control of communication. People of today check their emails on their mobile phones more than they check on their desktops. But the problem here arises that the mobile phones show only the first 50 characters of the email subject line.

emojis occupy less space | Mumara

That creates space scarcity and you have to be tricky to grab the attention in the 50 characters or less. That sounds difficult. Here comes the emojis to save you a much-needed return on investment and provide you a cushion to say more in fewer words and use an emoji that saves a thousand words.

Emojis Act Like Body Language

In our day-to-day communication, only 30% is verbal and the rest of the 70% is non-verbal consisting of body language, gestures, eye gaze, etc. If you do not understand that no-verbal communication, it is difficult to get into online communication.

Either you have to be a company of high value to use gif for every situation, if not, you need to switch to emojis. Further, using emojis in the message help you guide your readers to a path you want them to follow. Otherwise, there are great chances that your message will not get across.

Disadvantages of Using Emojis in Email Marketing

The benefits that we receive from the use of emojis in email marketing seem like a dream, right? On the contrary, if you do not make them fail-safe, it will give you something you don’t expect- hate from the users. Using emojis must be a part of your email marketing strategy, but go carefully and use what suits where.

One of the main arguments that are against the use of emojis is that sometimes they seem unprofessional. Old schools, that are used to, receiving formal text emails do not like the idea of using emojis at all. Rather, they skip reading it considering it an unprofessional message.

Too much emojis in email marekting | Mumara

The message with unusual features gets the attention instantly without any doubt. The point to realize is that is this attention is negative or positive. It can be any of both. For example, if you use an abusive word in the subject line, you will get attention from it also, but will that be positive or negative?

Surely negative and it will increase hate for you. Further, you need to be a person of a balanced approach when you use emojis. It means that if you use too many emojis, your message will land in the spam folder, hence reducing deliverability.

The days are gone when only 2% of marketers use emojis in marketing. Today, around 90% of them are using this technique to get more attention and engagement. So, you have to be highly specific in using emojis that are exactly according to the situation and different than others.

How to Use Emojis in Email Marketing Successfully?

When we have both advantages and disadvantages before our eyes, now is the time to make a solid plan to stand out in the market. While planning an email marketing strategy, if you are thinking to use emojis in your email marketing campaigns.

You have to focus on one-point agenda that how to make it successful. Afterward, plan your strategy around it effectively so that there is no evil in the core. All you need to know is the game to use these emojis correctly.

Some of the ways are as under:

Use Uncommon Emojis

If you are planning to increase the open and CTR of your email campaign, the first thing is to place them strategically. It means that your emoji must not be a misfit where you use it. Further, you have to be conscious and play a little tactically because many others are using the same emoji as you use.

Then what is the solution? You must not use the common emojis, rather go with the uncommon ones. It will help you a lot to keep your head above- resulting in more brand awareness and recognition.

Emphasize the Key Message

If you are emphasizing the key message, you are doing a nice job. Here is a tip for you to use an emoji twice as inverted commas before and after the key message. It will give the user a direction to get to know the actual point within a twist.

Then again, if there is a message of great urgency that you want the recipients to open instantly, use different color emojis. As we know that red is a color with high frequency and gives a sense of urgency when we use it somewhere. If you use red color emojis in email marketing, it will help you a lot in getting more engagement, opening, and CTR.

Understand Your Audience

When you send emojis in email marketing, you need to be well aware of your audience. It will help you customize your message and adjust the intensity accordingly. For example, if you want to send an email campaign to male users, can you use the emojis that are to be used for the women?

understand your audience | Mumara

That would be disastrous because the emojis that are for women is inappropriate for men. Likewise, if you are sending an email campaign to a list that consists of older people, try to use minimum emojis as older people do not welcome emojis in email marketing. So, it would be riskier if you do not know your audience.

Don’t Use Too Many Emojis

As we know that emojis in email save space so don’t misuse this advantage. Rather, you must come up with a balanced approach that must suit your plan and strategy. Using too many emojis could annoy and frustrate your user so stop overloading your emails.

Too much brighter emails and too many emojis are good for nothing but hurting the eyes. When you use emojis in email marketing, they must say something extra about the message in a gestural way.

If you use too many tasteless, and distracting emojis that will hurt engagement and deliverability.

Test Your Emojis in Email Marketing

When everything gets in line like writing up a fine copy of the subject line, and a copy of the email, now is the time to send it to your email list. For sending your email campaign, you will be needing a perfect email automation tool that helps you send your emails most appropriately.

For that reason, we suggest you use Mumara, which is super helpful in creating your email list, segmentation, crafting a beautiful email campaign, and sending it to the desired audience.

Before you send your email marketing campaign, you need to run A/B testing on more than 2 email campaigns to select the best one. All these tasks can be performed on Mumara most finely.


To conclude, we can say that emojis in email marketing are of high value that can increase your open and CTR. All you need to be very specific while using these emojis. In the modern digital world, you need to step up with the trends to get the maximum benefits.

In the end, never forget to choose the best email automation tool that helps you send your email campaigns. 

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