Every contemporary business person or entrepreneur has heard that content is king. Sure, yes it is. But how do you navigate through content and get yourself an award-winning business? Let us share with you an exceptional plan that gets you everything you need to get your Content Marketing Strategy in place.

This will help you play your business better than your competitors. In face of big businesses and competition that is willing to compete on price and lower its quality, the only thing that can help a small business owner find traction is the right content strategy. So here we go, let’s explore how this can help you.

Choosing Your Channel

In order to build your content marketing strategy, you can not rely on social media. You can surely choose long-form content and use a blog or an email marketing plan but none of this works in a vacuum. People will tell you that you can use only one strategy and build your business up on that. However, that is not true even though it may be true for them. Some people indulge in their business despite their 9-5 job.

These people may work consistently on their projects and they may use whatever little time they have on their hands-on building their audience using one tool. You need to keep in mind two things: One that their project may be their side hustle so they are not exactly impatient to get results. And Two: that they may have a lot more time on their hands and a lot less to lose.

The Magical Charm

They can spend all their energy overtime on the project and keep on doing one thing until the magical charm of the compound effect kicks into their business and gets them soaring high. Sure you can do a concentrated version of this for your own business, but why choose the slower and narrow-focused route when you can have a lot more fun using a combination of tools and platforms for your business? And we mean it sincerely. Read us out.

This can be a blog for some. Others may use just newsletters like sometimes we suggest to our entrepreneurs who are pressed for time but want to build a cult. Some only choose social media. This helps the businesses in getting more done with very quick-to-view content marketing. However, for any channel to work, you must keep in mind a few things.

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Questions to Answer for Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • What is the quality of attention that you will get from the chosen platform?
  • How are you communicating as a brand owner with the readers or viewers?
  • Is it possible to have personal communication with these people?
  • How are you building lists or bringing in people?
  • What is your traffic source?
  • How will you promote your business and what is your budget?
  • What are you willing to invest in terms of your brain, time, money, and attention?
  • How much time do you have?

Once you get to answering these questions you will realize that nothing really cuts it. You will notice discrepancies in each platform. This is where you need to focus on choosing 2-3 platforms and weave them to get you a good mix of traffic generation, promotional activities, and attention retention of your audience.

Here’s How You Do It

Pick the right mix of the following. You need your content marketing strategy to fulfill these requirements:

  • Attention-grabbing platforms: Pinterest, Facebook Groups not pages, Search engines, and Instagram Influencers
  • Promotional activities: Freebies like digital products or trial-sized items to be sent if the customer shares their email address, contact details, and subscribes, the customer can pay for the delivery for the sample or the product could also be like a coupon that can be used on a purchase. This can be done anywhere on social media where your customers hang out or through activations at shops and local events as well (which can be annoying for customers who are having a good time doing nothing)
  • Content marketing and feedback creation: Your customers will remain cold leads until you start piquing their interest and making them consider buying from you. If you want this in your life then you really need to work on your content and deliver it in a way that retains the readers, gets them to click onto the items, engage and correspond with you and perhaps buy from you when they reach the right stage of the marketing funnel.
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Keep It Simple

And, don’t get into tricky and confusing options, choose Mumara One. It is free for small businesses that are just looking to grow and it has every single feature you need to get amazing content out to the public and navigate through their lives via their inboxes.

Once you figure out your mix then you get started with the content management and creation tricks. Use great quality designs, cute graphics, images that resonate with your brand, and a brand voice that makes the readers want to be associated with you and indulge in the wonderful world of Content Marketing then.

Join Mumara Business School for Free and learn everything you need to know about growing your business just like we just did with Content Marketing Strategy. Mumara One is free for users and small business owners. Get started today and get creative with your business right away!

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