Usually, the double opt-in process starts to maintain the long-term relationship, therefore, the users take some pain to pass through this process. This procedure, without any doubt, stand to be a high-quality email list with a lower unsubscribe and bounce rate. Keep reading for more details!

A double opt-in email is one where the user receives a confirmation email upon sign-up. The user has to confirm an email subscription via clicking a link. This is a highly appreciated process by the tactic marketers to reduce the spamming possibilities.

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  1. What is double opt-in?
  2. What is single opt-in?
  3. Double opt-in vs single opt-in
    • Benefits of double opt-in emails
    • Drawbacks of double opt-in
    • Advantages of single opt-in emails
    • Disadvantages of single opt-in
  4. Best ways to use double opt-in email marketing
    • Use quality content to attract your visitors
    • Provide freebies
    • Use exit intent popups
    • Request for feedback
    • Use a simple form design
  5. Conclusion

Being a part and parcel of email marketing, double opt-in is also known as confirmed opt-in to filter out uninterested users and robots from the subscription list. The email campaign sent to the double opt-in email list is responsible to bring more return on investment (ROI) for you.

The reason behind this is that these contacts are those who are much interested to hear from you. The business or brands using double opt-in email tend to gain more value and keenness to engage with their product, this process leads to more sales and business success.

Usually, the double opt-in process starts to maintain the long-term relationship, therefore, the users take some pain to pass through this process. This procedure, without any doubt, stand to be a high-quality email list with a lower unsubscribe and bounce rate.

This is just like a feather in the cap of email marketing to be highly beneficial because you will be able to get the right audience.

In this blog, we discuss everything that you need to know about double opt-in email, keep reading!

What Is Double Opt-In?

As mentioned above, double opt-in is a process where a user confirms the email with a link when he signs up. The user agrees to start getting emails from you. This is the best method to get the subscriber that is fully attentive to what is he doing.

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Sometimes, people hit subscribe button unintentionally and upon receiving emails from the very brand, they do not take notice. This practice reduces the open and click-through rate that becomes directly proportional to the failure of your email campaign strategy.

On the other hand, when the user takes some pain to perform double opt-in, these users are real ones and responsible to take your business to the next level.

Further, when a user confirms to get emails from you, you initiate the process of communication. This communication process can move on with a series of drip campaigns.

What Is Single Opt-In?

Single opt-in is quite opposite of the double opt-in emails. Single opt-in is when a user does need to pass through a confirmation process. Rather, he simply subscribes to the email list through a subscription form and is added to the email list.

After this, the subscriber will start using the emails from you. The problem here arises that the lists with single opt-in users are not that reliable. This is an immediate method to add users to your email list.

Double Opt-in vs Single Opt-in

We always go through a huge discussion to find the best one between double opt-in and single opt-in emails.

The reason behind this is that both types have different pros and cons. Some of them are as under:

Benefits of Double Opt-in Emails

One of the major benefits of using double opt-in is that you will get a more engaged email list. Double opt-in means that the user will confirm twice the acceptance of emails from you. This makes the subscribers more responsive and ready to open the emails from your brand.

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As we know that subscriber engagement is much required for a business, therefore, it has sheer importance. Another benefit that we can avail of from the double opt-in email is that there are lesser chances to report emails as spam.

Meaningfully, too many spam reports can easily affect your sender’s reputation that upset the email deliverability. Resultantly, when the double opt-in users receive emails, they will enhance the sender’s reputation.

Furthermore, if you use double opt-in, it is the best way to keep your list clean. While sending an email campaign to the double opt-in users, the marketers are sure about the fact that this email campaign will give better ROI because the recipients are interested to hear.

So, spending on these people will give you a chance to run your marketing cost-effectively and productively. Again, the quality matters more than the quantity, hence we find the quality subscribers in our double opt-in email list.

Drawbacks of Double Opt-in

While there are countless benefits of a double opt-in email list, there are some drawbacks too we need to know. First of all, double opt-in is a longer process. The users have to pass through more steps to confirm the subscription.

There are great chances that some of the users forget to click the confirmation link which will not make them a subscriber. The irony is that the users want to establish a relationship with you, but they have to pass through a long process.

If these users do not go for confirming the link, we are afraid you will lose a lot of potential revenue. According to a study, 20% of the sign-ups remain unconfirmed due to one or another reason. It means that if you have 100,000 sign-ups and 20% do not go for the confirmation link, it means that you will not be able to make an offer to 20,000 people, this is huge.

Further, due to some reasons, sometimes the users do not receive the confirmation link emails. After waiting for minutes they get frustrated and change their mindset. Last but not least, if you keep following this method, your list will grow slowly as compared to a single opt-in.

Advantages of Single Opt-in

The biggest advantage of single opt-in is that as soon as the user hits the subscription button, he is on your email list immediately. This helps in growing your email list faster contrary to double opt-in. If you use this process, it helps you get quicker results with the satisfaction of your subscriber.

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Single opt-in reduces confusion, it means that as soon as the user signs up, he starts receiving the emails. Further, not be worried about hanging in limbo, and you will be able to send the emails to everyone on your email list.

Disadvantages of Single Opt-in

The major problem with the single opt-in is the deliverability issue. This is a huge negative for your business in the long term. Another, problem that you can face from this is the risk of being reported as spam. Sometimes, people unintentionally sign up for your email and when they receive emails from you, they hit spam instead of un-subscription; as much as 43% of the people go for spam.

The reason behind this is that they feel easier to mark it as spam because sometimes they have to go through another process to unsubscribe. Along with it, there are many chances to have bounce issues.

The main issue behind this is that sometimes users mistype their email addresses and you start sending the emails to the wrong addresses. This affects your sender’s reputation and deliverability.

Best Ways to Use Double Opt-in Email Marketing

The marketer uses double opt-in emails for quality leads in their email campaigns. You have to be a little tricky in your approach to avail the full benefits. Here the question arises that how to gain the benefits?

Read some of the best ways to use double opt-in email marketing:

Use Quality Content to Attract Your Visitors

Sending quality and compelling content to attract your visitors. If you are feeding them with the content they like and appreciate, you will be in a position to ask them to verify their subscription. For that purpose, you need to develop comprehensive eBooks, reports, or guides of value to give the users new ideas.

Further, feed users with the blogs and topics of high information that you think your user wants to learn. Unique and relevant content is the key to penetrating the heart of the users.

Provide Freebies

Offers and freebies can do the job for you because many users sign up for the free offers. For a bigger cause, you can give some discounts. For example, if you are looking for a subscriber to sign up for the list through a double opt-in process, you can ask him to go through this process and get a solid offer.

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Your content needs to be valuable and you must make it valuable by sending it to the relevant public. There are many brands that offer free services for a limited time and then ask for a subscription.

Use Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups appear on the website when a user moves the cursor on the screen suggesting that he is about to leave. This helps increase click-through rates because these popups are less annoying contrary to those which are shown continuously or again and again on the screen when you visit the website.

When a user moves away from your website and sees the popup, he stops for a while to look at what has popped up. This is the time when you can grab the attention of the user by showing an attention-grabbing form so that your user signs up for your email list.

Request for Feedback

Ask the users for feedback. Convince and realize them that they and their opinion are very much important to you. You can use this feedback to gain insights. Further, if the users are not satisfied with your services, you need to take this feedback positively to make improvements.

Use a Simple Form Design

Keep in mind the fact that your visitor does not have too much time to go through a highly investigative form. Rather, you need to use a simple form asking the user to enter their name and email. Asking for too much information will create friction and distraction for the users while filling up the form.

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You can add a real-time email address validation tool to ensure that the users are entering the right email address. This method will reduce the chances of errors that are better for the performance of your business.

Make your subscription form simple as well as attractive to ensure the minimum image display problems. We further advise you to add a disclaimer to assure the users about your professionalism where data is in safe hands.


To conclude, we can say that the double opt-in method is highly beneficial and you can make it more advantageous by keeping the above-mentioned practices in mind. If you want to get some serious subscribers on your email list, we suggest you use a double opt-in process.

It will help you refine your email marketing strategy. If you haven’t created a double opt-in process for your email list, do not worry, use Mumara to grow your email list.

Further, send email campaigns with the full command and confidence with the winning email strategy; use a reliable email automation tool and take your business to the next level.

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