Email marketing is an art that needs to be mastered before you step in to start the automation process. In this guide, you will find a packed plan of tested practices that will help you enhance your vision. There you go!

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get connected with existing and new customers in a one-on-one manner. It helps you grow your business whether it is small or well-established. If you are looking for relationship building and boosting your sales at the same time, email marketing is just for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of email marketing
  2. How to master the art of email marketing?
    • Make a catchy subject line that stands out
    • Stay human
    • Do not add a no-reply email address
    • Customize your content
    • Use appropriate visuals in the email
    • Add noticeable call-to-action buttons
    • Make your email marketing mobile-friendly
    • Make your own email list and segment it further
    • Test your email marketing campaign
  3. Bottom line

With the advancement in marketing methods and the advent of marketing tools, it has become so easy for businesses to concentrate on production and sales while automation software takes over the marketing process. Email marketing is nothing is not new thing in the market, rather, it is being used for decades successfully.

Along with it, a crucial thing you need to realize is that email marketing is an art that takes time if you want to master it. Sending emails to the users’ inboxes is not enough, rather you have to come up with a marketing strategy.

If you will keep bombarding the inboxes of the subscribers, it will harm your business instead of providing any benefits. According to the stats available on google, more than 4.5 billion users use emails. This is a huge number that makes email the monarch of marketing.

Having said that, email is an art, in this blog, we shall discuss how to master it. Keep reading!

Importance of Email Marketing

As mentioned above, more than half of the world’s population uses email. There is a lot of potential in this larger market and you can target sitting anywhere in the world. Further, email marketing provides a higher return on investment ($42 on every $1 spent).

importance of email marketing | Mumara

It is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing as compared to other marketing channels. You can target new customers and make them your permanent clients. Email marketing automation tools such as Mumara help you design your email campaigns and send them to the desired audience.

Designing customized email marketing campaigns help you penetrate the hearts of the users and make them your fan. Moreover, email is easy to integrate with other communication channels. It serves the purpose as no other channel can do.

For example, if you are running an online store, you might have seen that 7 out of 10 users leave carts abandoned. You cannot let this huge audience go easily. For that purpose, you can send abandoned cart emails to re-target these users.

Not only this, you can build your email list and send customized emails to these subscribers to get more profits and business growth.

How to Master the Art of Email Marketing?

There are a lot of benefits of email marketing. That is the reason many businesses practice it to get the full opportunities for business growth. When there is a lot of competition in the market, a user receives around 87 emails per day.

All you need to stand is different than others to get the attention of the recipients. Otherwise, you will see that your emails will be treated differently, even some of the users will delete them without opening them up.

So, how to get the attention? This is what we promised you earlier to explain the art of mastering email marketing. Here you go:

Make a Catchy Subject Line That Stands Out

A subject line is the first thing a user sees as soon as he receives the email in the inbox. Depending on the subject line, the recipient decides the destiny of the email. If you neglect the process of designing a good subject line, it will harm your email marketing campaign’s performance.

The open and click-through rate will be reduced, resulting in the failure of your email marketing. A good subject line consists of 50 to-the-point characters, helping the recipient what he is going to see in the email.

Now, if the email subject line doesn’t match the email body, it will force the users to lose interest in your brand. What pushes the users to open the email is using a short, sweet, and smart subject line. To increase curiosity, ask a question or add some humor for the instant opening.

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Using emojis in the subject line also gives an attractive look, as well as your email, will stand out in the mailbox. In a nutshell, a subject line is always the first impression of your email – needs a lot of focus.

Stay Human

Your email must give a human essence to the readers. Communication is always a two-way process. The tone of the message must tell that it is coming from a human rather than a bot. It will only be possible if you build a friendly tone in your message.

Stay human in your email body | Mumara

If you will send generic emails most of the time, your user will start losing interest in your email marketing campaigns, and there are a lot of chances that they will delete your message without opening them up.

Do Not Add a No-Reply Email Address

No reply email addresses can prove themselves to be very harmful to your brand. These email addresses can spark negativity in the minds of the recipients because it breaks the communication process. If you think that you will receive a lot of replies, and you will be unable to answer all the queries, add more than one email for the reply.

Customize Your Content

A customize or personalized email always wins hearts. More than 60% of the recipients expect to receive personalized emails. There is nothing to be surprised about! As human beings, we always love to read a message that is sent only to us, instead of a message designed for many.

No one wants to be treated like others in the crowd. When it comes to marketing, everyone wants to have special treatment. If you personalize your email, it will instantaneously grab the eyeballs of the users and they feel that the message is specially designed and sent to them.

For that reason, use the recipient’s name in the email. Here, you need to understand an important point that mentioning the name of the user is not enough in the email, rather, your message must give a friendly voice.

Use Appropriate Visuals in the Email

Visuals in email marketing are as important as human needs for oxygen. Images, and videos increase the worth of the message, as well as the users, take an interest to read it. If you add some appropriate images; it helps the users to understand what email is about within a twist.

appropriate images in the email marketing campaigns | Mumara

Adding pictures increases the visual appeal of the message, making it more informative, interesting, and effective. Creating the perfect visuals might be a bit tricky, therefore, you need to consult a professional to take full advantage.

While designing images for your email marketing, make sure that they must not too much. Adding too many images or text has never been a good idea because it can reduce your email deliverability.

Add Noticeable Call-To-Action Buttons

When you send an email marketing campaign, what do you think is the reason behind it if the user opens it up? We are sure that you will say that the email is sent to compel the users to take some action. That is the reason you need to add a noticeable call to action.

While adding a call to action, do not add too many CTAs, why? It will make the recipients confused. The best practice to follow is that you need to add one or a maximum of two calls to action. Use a graphic element and design the call to action in a different color to make it visible and prominent.

Make Your Email Marketing Mobile Friendly

According to the stats available on Google, 81% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices. We cannot ignore this phenomenon. The rest of the 19% of emails are opened on desktops or other devices. This is not the limit, the numbers are growing with every passing day, week, month, and year.

The reason behind this is that people do not have much time to sit in front of a desktop to read emails. Rather, they read the emails on their smartphones wherever they want. Therefore, when you design your email marketing campaign, make it mobile-friendly.

The best agencies make their marketing email the best according to mobile to provide the best user experience. Your subject line, the layout of the message, the images, the text, everything must be mobile optimized to increase the CTR of your email campaign.

Build Your Own Email List and Segment It Further

Building an email list is strongly recommended to get a genuine audience. If you buy an email list, you will not be able to get the audience of your choice. Third-party companies sell the email list and there are chances that they sell that email list to more than one brand.

Build mailing list, mailing list segmentation | Mumara

Moreover, if you will get your own email list, your users will take some pain to subscribe to the mailing list, and show interest to hear more from you. After building your email list, you must not start sending emails to all and sundry. Rather you need to segment your email list.

Email segmentation will help you send your email marketing campaigns to the right audience. For example, you build an email list and get subscribers from every age group.

Now, you design an email campaign focusing on the age group between 20-30 years, but send it to all the list. Will that be useful? Certainly not! That is the reason, you need to use the email segmentation technique to make your email marketing perfect.

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Test Your Email Marketing Campaign

An effective email marketing campaign is one that is tested and gives the best performance. Before hitting the “send/schedule” button, run A/B testing on the email to get the best version. Test your email subject line, images, body text, and everything before landing in the user’s inboxes.

In order to increase the open and click-through rate, ensure the testing and use of best practices deployment in your email marketing. We suggest you use Mumara for designing your email campaign, A/B testing, and sending it to your segmented lists.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that email marketing is an art that needs to be mastered before you step in to start the automation process. We are sure that you have learned all the above-mentioned steps to design a powerful email marketing strategy that help you boost your business.

The next step is to choose the best email marketing automation software that helps in completing all the aforementioned processes. For that reason, there is no choice other than Mumara!

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