An abandoned cart email is a reminder email that you send to your user who has added an item(s) to the shopping cart but does not complete the checkout process.

Let us assume for a while that you are running an online store and getting a lot of traffic on your website, and the customers are taking interest in your products. But at the same time you see that your business still experiencing low sales, have you covered everything? Certainly not!

Table of Contents

  1. What is an abandoned cart email?
  2. Why abandoned cart emails are important?
  3. People abandon the carts, why?
    • Extra costs are higher
    • Complex checkout process
    • Make your website trustworthy
    • Delivery time is slower
    • Strict policies
  4. Abandoned cart email best practices
    • A brief summary of the cart items
    • Add CTAs
    • Choose the right time to send the abandoned cart emails
    • Personalize your emails
    • Don’t offer too much discount
    • Test your emails
    • Choose the best email automation software
  5. Conclusion

There is something you are missing out on in shopping cart abandonment. According to the stats available on Google, around 70% of shopping carts remain abandoned when a customer leaves your online store. It means that only 1/3rd of visitors make purchases and others go out without taking any action.

To avail of the full potential of your visitors, you can send abandoned cart emails to re-engage them. Sometimes, users visit a lot of online stores and add some items to the cart they take interest in. After some time, they forget where they visited and what product they added to the cart.

This is where abandon cart emails work to remind them they are missing something special. Sending abandoned cart emails must be included in your email marketing strategy for a good reason, why? According to the available data, the open rate of emails remains at 15%, whereas if you send abandoned cart emails, it boosts the open rate to 45%, which is a huge rate.

In this article, we shall discuss abandon cart emails, their importance, and some of the best practices, keep reading!

What Is an Abandoned Cart Email?

In simple words, an abandoned cart email is a reminder email that you send to your user who has added something to the shopping cart without purchasing it. Doing some math with the 70% as mentioned above abandoned carts means that 7 out of 10 visitors do not complete the checkout process.

What is an abandoned cart email | Mumara

If you target these visitors again in your follow-up emails, there are many chances that it will increase from 10% to 15% in revenues. This is not the only benefit of sending abandoned cart emails, there are more of it.

It increases the open and click-through rate of your email marketing campaigns as soon as the user receives an email from your online store. Along with it, it helps in building a relationship with the users as they think that you care about their purchases.

21% of the abandoned cart emails get clicks and 50% of the users go back to the website to complete the purchase process. When there are too many users selling the same product just like yours, you have to go the extra mile to make your visitors feel special in order to increase your sales and return on investment.

This is not an automatic process; you have to write a compelling email with a sense of urgency that the users are really missing something great from your online store.

Why Abandoned Cart Emails Are Important?

Sending abandoned cart emails are sent to re-engage the customers to ask them to finalize the purchase process. Now, the question arises that why these emails are necessary. The answer to that question is that it increases the conversion rate.

The visitors who have added your product to the cart must be targeted and ask them to take some necessary action. You have to take care of your online store in every way.

send emails to the visitors who have abandoned carts | Mumara

For example, you might have seen enough healthy traffic on the website, the visitors are coming and going back without purchasing anything or adding anything to the cart.

This is the time you need to work on the product display and user experience on your website. Along with it, there is another point to ponder is that why do people abandon the carts?

People Abandon the Carts, Why?

Here are some of the reasons you must take care of:

Extra Costs Are Higher

When a user goes to buy the product, you need to take care of the other costs too. If the shipping and packaging rates are too higher, the item will be remained in the abandoned cart instead of making a purchase. You have to choose the cheap packaging and shipping services that reduce the other costs.

Complex Checkout Process

If your checkout process is complex or long, the user will lose interest and find it frustrating. Make it as simple as you can to increase sales.

Make Your Website Trustworthy

make your website trustworthy | Mumara

This is one of the most important things you need to do as an online store. Show your credentials with a badge to provide mental peace to the users. Further, add some real reviews from the users who have just purchased your products to make the new users satisfied that they can trust you.

Delivery Time Is Slower

When people buy something they expect to receive it as soon as possible. If they find the estimated delivery time too slow, they become hesitant to finish the checkout process so the product will be dumped in the abandoned cart.

Strict Policies

If you show strict policies, terms and conditions, and return policies, your sales are not going to be increased. Show some generosity and show compensation. If you adhere to strict policies, it will create an inconvenient state for your visitors.

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

Sending emails to the users to remind them about the abandoned carts is not enough. All you need to plan a strategy so that your users really take it seriously. If you will just send emails and ask them to make the purchases, they might feel exhausted and report your email as spam.

You must come with unique content and the best designs that showcase your product and online store in a persuasive way.

Here are some of the best practices you need to follow to send abandoned cart emails:

A Brief Summary of the Cart Items

The first and most important thing is to remind the users that what they were about to buy. For that purpose, write a brief summary of the product and mention it in the email with pictures and prices, sizes, and other expenses including delivery costs.

describe brief summary of the product added to the carts | Mumara

Visuals of the product are highly important to mention because it increases the desire and appeal at the same time along with the reminder that they missed out. Sometimes, shoppers add more than one item to the abandoned cart.

Will you mention every product in the email? If your answer is “NO”, you are thinking right in the same way as we are. The point is, do not mention all the items in the email because it will make it lengthy. Rather, mention a single item and add a link to show the users a way to trace the other items.

Add CTAs

Calls to action or CTAs are the elements that help in the completion of a process. If the call to action is ambiguous, the items will remain in the carts forever. Make CTAs as clear and actionable as possible.

Place these calls to action in the right place and design them in different colors so that they look prominent. Do not use too many calls to action because it makes the user confused.

Choose the Right Time to Send the Abandoned Cart Emails

The timing of the email plays a vital role in making it successful. Here, you need to think on the two fronts.

  • Is this the right time to send the email?
  • Does the user still need the product?
send timely abandoned cart emails | Mumara

 First of all, let us talk about the first point. When you send an email marketing campaign or abandoned cart emails, send it according to the best local time. What if you send an abandoned cart email at 3 AM? It will do harm to your strategy instead of providing any benefits.

On the other hand, send the abandoned cart email without waiting for too long. It will help you deliver the right email at the right time. Let us understand this with an example. For example, you run an online store that deals in clothes.

A user comes to your website and adds a jacket to the cart but didn’t perform the checkout process. It will be useless to send the abandoned cart email in the summer season to remind the user about it. According to the data, it is best to send abandoned cart emails after one or two hours of the abandonment.

Personalize Your Email

A personalized and customized email gets more attention compared to the generic one. The day you start customized emails, you will see reasonably increasing results.

For a personalized email, you need to select a reliable email marketing automation tool such as Mumara that fits your requirements. It is easy to use and helps you design customized abandoned cart emails that get instant attention.

Don’t Offer Too Much Discount

Offering a discount is always responsible for boosting your sales. Sometimes, you need to offer discounts quite strategically. If you overdo this, it will cut short your profit margins. Not only this, the users will make it a habit to leave carts abandoned in order to get discounts.

too much discount for abandoned cart emails is harmful | Mumara

Instead of giving a discount on all abandoned cart emails, if the deal is available on the product anyway, you must go with it to tell the users about it.

Test Your Abandon Cart Email

Writing an email is not enough, you need to send the best version to the users. For that reason, you need to create more than one email campaign to run A/B testing.

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In this way, you will be able to identify which one is getting more engagement. Send that one to the users and increase your open and click-through rate.

Choose the Best Email Automation Software

the best email automation software | Mumara

Choosing a reliable email automation process will help you design a catchy abandon cart email at the right time. Using Mumara will give you the confidence to design an HTML design or use Drag & Drop Addon to upload your ready-made email campaigns. Also, you can run A/B testing to find the best email to send to the users.


To conclude, we can say that sending abandoned cart emails is the best way to re-engage your customers and increase your sales. All you need is to use a reliable email automation tool that helps you design and send your emails to the right users.

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