You have to design your email broadcast in a way that it should pass through the email filters easily to cherish the users in the right way. Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to connect with your customers.

Email marketing comes up 4200% return on investment for brands and businesses. It means that email marketing works, but you have to be cautious while scheduling your email broadcast or email campaign.

Email marketing has a lot of potential, and that is why almost all major brands use it. That is why we see many emails in our mailbox daily. Sending an email is easy, but sending emails right in the mailbox, and standing out in the clutter is not that easy.

For that purpose, you have to design your email broadcast in a way that it should pass through the email filters easily to cherish the users in the right way. Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to connect with your customers.

Although new communication channels like social media cannot be ignored, they are still unable to replace email marketing due to intelligent email marketing automation tools such as Mumara.

On Mumara, you can design and send your email broadcast to the users most professionally.

In this article you will learn about what is an email broadcast, and how to schedule your broadcast from Mumara, keep reading.

Table of Contents

  1. What is an email campaign?
  2. Why should you send an email campaign?
    • Engage your customers
    • Emails can convert your leads
    • Emails help you boost your business
  3. Email campaigns types
    • Welcome emails
    • Testimonial request emails
    • Invitation emails
    • Emails for reactivation
    • Abandoned cart emails
    • Seasonal emails
    • Cross-selling emails
    • Newsletters
  4. How to schedule a broadcast from Mumara?
  5. Schedule your broadcast now

What Is an Email Campaign?

An email campaign, also known as an email broadcast is sending out a series of emails to the users to achieve certain goals for a business.

what is email broadcast | Mumara

These goals could be to increase sales, conversion, product promotion, or update the users about a new service.

As compared to the other methods of marketing, email marketing allows you to get connected with the audience in a personal and targeted way.

In this process, you send emails to the users individually and get the response personally through feedback.

A CTA in this regard does the job and proved to be a cornerstone in the process of converting a lead into a sale.

Why Should You Send an Email Campaign?

Email marketing opens up the process of a two-way effective communication workflow. Due to countless benefits, email campaigns have become a powerful method between you and your users.

It helps you improve relationship building which aids a lot in increasing your sales. The others methods like social media, electronic, and print media do not give you this opportunity.

For example, if you want to sell something to young people, and you choose electronic or print media for advertisement purposes. Do you find any mechanism to target the specific audience using the aforementioned channels? Certainly not!

The reason behind this is that the message on these channels is designed for all and sundry. The relevant audience has to figure out if the message is designed for them.

In email marketing, you have an opportunity to segment your email list and send your message exactly to the targeted audience. Here are some of the reasons you need to send email campaigns to the users:

Engage Your Customers

It is not so easy to engage the users when many others are selling the product just like yours.

You have to go the extra mile to do so – giving special offers and discounts are the best way to hold the users’ interest.

You have to come up with new and easy formats that match the users’ needs.

Emails Can Convert Your Leads

Giving the right information to the users need to be the priority of your marketing team. Ask them to keep themselves up to date with the full knowledge of the product.

emails can convert your leads | Mumara

If you are unable to provide the right information, your customers will lose trust in your brand. Email marketing campaigns can convert the lead into sales when you come up with the true information.

Otherwise, the graph of your sales will go down simultaneously. Your every email must be purposeful and with enough information that narrow downs the sales funnel.

The best practice in this regard is to address the pain points of the users and come up with a solution.

Emails Help You Boost Your Business

Users’ feedback is the best way to keep yourself on the right track. Whenever you send an email campaign, never hesitate to ask for feedback.

Also, whether a user gives negative or positive feedback, in both cases it will help you boost your business. If a user gives negative feedback, you will be able to improve your services and product quality.

On the other hand, if the feedback is positive, it will give you happiness as well as the confidence to keep providing the services to the fullest.

Email Campaigns Types

Email campaigns come in many types. They are different in style and allow you to achieve your business goals.

Let us discuss them one by one:

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is sent to the new subscriber of your email list. This is the first impression between the user and the brand.

You send a welcome email to the users to show that you care about them. Moreover, this proved to be a confirmation for the users that they have successfully subscribed to the email list. This is the first step to kick-start communication.

Testimonial Request Emails

Testimonial request emails are sent to ask for feedback from the clients. This feedback is used later on as a testimonial from the users to show others, if positive.

testimonial request, feedback request from customers | Mumara

On the other hand, if the feedback is negative, the companies work on the product to make it up to the mark.

Likewise, the companies send testimonial request emails to the users and ask them to participate in the surveys to improve the services.

Invitation Emails

These emails are sent to the subscribers to invite them to join the online party, webinar, conference, etc.

Email for Reactivation

Reactivation emails are sent to inactive users to say goodbye. When you send these emails, do not forget to appreciate their contributions and tell them that they are valuable to you.

Also, ask inactive users to be active again to hear from your timely.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Everyone who has an online store or a person who shops online is aware of abandoned shopping carts.

Further, sometimes visitors visit an online store, and add an item(s) to the shopping cart but do not complete the sign-up process.

Abandoned cart emails are sent to these users to remind them they are missing out on something.

Seasonal Emails

seasonal email campaigns | Mumara

Brands send seasonal emails to the users to inform the users about seasonal offers like sunglasses in Summer, jackets in Winter, etc.

Cross-Selling Emails

Cross-selling emails are sent to the users to attract them to other related products.

For example, if you deal in the mobile phone business, a customer comes to you and buys a smartphone. After a due period, if you send him an email to purchase a phone case, this will be called cross-selling.


Many companies and brands send newsletters to build relationships with their customers. Usually, they are sent with a non-promotional intention of delivering timely information and updates to the users.

If you understand the science of sending newsletters, you will get to know that they are the best source of trust building – leading to an increase in sales.

How to Schedule a Broadcast From Mumara?

A broadcast is an email template that your user receives in HTML or TEXT body content. You can create your broadcasts as per your package plan on Mumara.

Mumara also allows you to use Drag & Drop, or HTML builder to create your beautiful email template.

For that purpose, navigate to Campaigns> Broadcasts>Add New, and find the following screen:

email broadcast builder | Mumara

Here you can select the option, i.e., HTML Editor, or Drag & Drop Builder as per your convenience.

  • HTML Editor: If you use HTML Editor, you will get a chance to use the world-famous CK editor to design your broadcast more beautifully.
  • Drag & Drop Builder: When you use Drag & Drop Builder, you will be able to insert your pre-build email template into the HTML content area.

Now, let us discuss both options one by one to get acquainted with the functionality in detail:

HTML Editor

When you choose the HTML Editor option, you will see the following screen:

add broadcast details on Mumara | Mumara
add campaign details on Mumara | Mumara

Before you send a broadcast, you need to fill up some necessary details in the required fields that will be helpful to be used later when you need, i.e.:

  • Broadcast Name: Give a friendly name for your broadcast so that you identify it later.
  • Group: Create a group where you want this broadcast to be sorted by clicking the ‘+’ sign. If you don’t want to create any group, select ‘Unsorted’ from the dropdown.
  • Email Subject: Write a subject line of your email that you want your user to receive in their mailboxes. Moreover, you can also insert emojis.
  • Add Email Preheader: Here you can add an email preheader that will be shown next to or below the subject line.
  • HTML Body: Here you write the HTML content of your email.
  • Text Body: Write a Text version of your email that your recipient will receive.
  • Attachments: Add an attachment(s) by clicking ‘Drop or browse file here’ that you want to send to your recipients.
  • Click ‘Save’ if you want to save the current broadcast.
  • Click ‘Save & Keep Editing’ if you want to save the current broadcast but want to make some more edits by remaining on the same page.
  • Click ‘Save & Add New’ if you want to save the current broadcast and want to add a new one.
  • Click ‘Cancel’ if you want to cancel this broadcast.

There are some more fields if you want to ‘Send a Preview:

  • Select a Sending Domain: Select a sending domain that will appear in the email header as the originator of the email.
  • Select a Sending Node: Select a sending node as a carrier from where the sending node will be relayed.
  • Email Address Where the Preview Will Be Sent: Write an email address where you want to receive the preview of your broadcast.
  • Contact ID for the Custom Variables: If your broadcast has custom fields, then they will be replaced with the custom field data belonging to this contact ID. If left blank, the custom field will not be converted.
  • Click ‘Send Preview’ after adding the relevant information in the fields, and your preview is ready to be sent.

Drag & Drop Builder

If you choose Drag & Drop Builder, you will see the following screen:

drag and drop builder Mumara | Mumara

The functionality of the different fields is the same as we discussed above in the ‘HTML Editor section.

Additionally, in Drag & Drop Builder, you will have the luxury to edit your email template by clicking ‘Edit Content Area’ as seen in the below picture:

HTML editor Mumara | Mumara

Once you design your email broadcast, now is the time to send/schedule it to the users to satisfy your purpose.

For that, navigate to Campaigns>View Scheduled>+Schedule Email Campaign.

While scheduling your email campaign, you have to give relevant information in the following four steps:

  1. Setup
  2. Type
  3. Sender
  4. Settings

Without providing relevant information here, you will not be able to send your email campaign. Also, as soon as you click +Schedule Email Campaign, you will automatically be taken to the first step, i.e., Setup:


Schedule a broadcast on Mumara | Mumara

Here you will have to provide the information in the fields discussed below:

  • Schedule Label: Give a friendly label to your broadcast that can also be used on the ‘View Scheduled’ and ‘Statistics’ pages later on when needed.
  • Campaign Type: Select the type of the campaign, i.e., Regular or Split Test.
  • Choose ‘Contact Lists’ if you want to send your email campaign on an already created list. Otherwise, choose ‘Segments’ if you want to send your broadcast on the segments.
  • After adding the above-mentioned information, click the ‘Continue’ button and go to the next step:


broadcast scheduling on Mumara | Mumara

After clicking the Continue button, you will go to the above-shown screen to choose the ‘Type’ of your email broadcast.

  • Campaign List: Here you will see your already created email campaigns, choose a broadcast(s) and click the ‘Continue’ button to go to the next step. If you want to make any changes in the previous step, i.e., ‘Setup’, click the ‘Back’ button.

When you will choose to continue, you will be taken to the third step:


send a broadcast on from Mumara | Mumara

In step three, you have to add the sender information in your email broadcast:

  • Sending Nodes: Select the sending Node from where you want to relay the emails.
  • SMTP Sequence: Select SMTP sequence i.e., Batches or Loop.
  1. Batches: If you select Batches, Mumara One will feed messages to the sending nodes in batches and it will rotate after completion of the batch.
  2. Loop: If you select loop, Mumara One feeds the messages to the sending node one by one, and it will rotate after every email.
  • Sending Node Selection: Select the sending node, i.e., Sequential or random.
  1. Sequential: If you select sequential, Mumara One will pick up the sending node for the next batch in sequence.
  2. Random: If ‘Random’ is selected, Mumara One will select the sending nodes randomly.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to go to the fourth and final step:


email broadcast setting on Mumara | Mumara

In this final step you can apply various settings to your email broadcast, i.e.:

  • When to Send: Select the time of your broadcast when you want to relay it, i.e., Send Now or Send Later. If you select Send Now, your broadcast will be sent instantly. On the other hand, if you choose Send Later, you will be able to choose the time and date for the email campaign when you wanted to send.
  • Hourly Speed: Select the hourly speed of the campaign, it means that you will be able to set the number of emails in one hour you want to send.
  • Track Opens: You can track the opening of your email, e.g., who has opened the email, for example.
  • Track Clicks: In an email broadcast, you add some links, and you can track the clicks on these links.
  • Skip Duplicate: It will ensure that if you have added a contact more than once, it will skip duplicate if found.
  • Add List-Unsubscribe Header: Add an unsubscribe header in the form of an Unsubscribe Link or Unsubscribe Email.
  • Sender Information: Sender information indicates where the email is coming from. You can choose from “From Contact List” or “Custom”. If you select ‘From Contact List’, it will fetch the information of the sender from the contact list details. On the other hand, if you choose Custom, you will be able to add your information, i.e., from name, from email, and reply-to email in a manual way.
  • Send a Test Preview: Give an email address where you want to receive a preview of the broadcast. A preview will be sent to the given email address.
  • Now, you are ready to send your broadcast, click ‘Submit’.

Schedule Your Broadcast Now

Email marketing is one of the best-tested ways of reaching your customers. It further helps you in building a relationship with the users as well as nurturing leads.

shedule your email broadcasts | Mumara

If you want to grow your business and take it to the skies, email marketing is the most suitable method in this regard. There is no rocket science in sending emails to users.

Likewise, you just need to build a healthy email list, design your email campaign by following the above-mentioned steps on Mumara and send it to taste the ultimate success.

Make your broadcasts personalized to give some value to the users – it also increases engagement.

Log in to your Mumara account now and penetrate the hearts of the users.

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