Sometimes users sign up to your email list unconsciously but remain inactive during your email marketing process. These users hinder your marketing efforts to a larger extent. If these types of users are present in your mailing list, do not hesitate to remove them at the earliest.

If you want to get the maximum out of your email marketing, think about email list management along with its quick growth. Facts and figures say a lot that email marketing is one of the finest ways to convert leads into sales.

Let us start with the number of email users; there are 4.26 billion email users worldwide. Around 100 million more are being added to the total figure which attests to the importance and scope. Then comes the return on investment, ROI on email marketing is $42 for every $1. To get all these benefits, email list management is a must for your marketing process.

Email list growing and management is just like growing a beautiful orchard to harvest fruit. While growing an orchard, you select the site, prepare the soil, choose the relevant seed, nurture the plants, and get healthy fruit after great care.

Likewise, for an email list, you select an opt-in form, set it on the website with content, evaluate buyers’ persona, get subscribers, and convert the leads. When you grow the garden, you do not sit idle, rather you take a lot of care about the weeds, pests, dying leaves, watering, fertilizers, etc. Managing the email list is all the same.

You need to frequently check stats to remove the inactive, bounced, spam complaints from the list to get maximum results from your efforts.

In this article, we shall discuss email list management, why it is important, and some of the best practices for this cause.

Table of Contents

  1. What is email list management?
  2. Why does your email list need to be managed?
  3. Email list management best practices
    • Welcome your new subscribers
    • Segment your email list
    • Keep your email list clean
    • Verify new subscribers with double opt-in
    • Add an unsubscribe link to your email
    •  Re-engage inactive audience
    •  Never purchase email lists
    • Run an A/B test on your email campaigns
  4. How does Mumara help you with your email list management?
  5. In a nutshell

What Is Email List Management?

Email list management is about the actions that you take to keep your email list healthy, and grow healthy subscribers. List management includes managing bounced emails and inactive users to importing a list to the database.

what is email list management | Mumara

It is further relevant to get the users by adding an opt-in form on the website. Sometimes users sign up to your email list unconsciously but remain inactive during your email marketing process. These users hinder your marketing efforts to a larger extent. If these types of users are present in your mailing list, do not hesitate to remove them at the earliest.

Here you can ask why this is mandatory to remove these users. That could be a million-dollar question. Email Service Providers such as Gmail, or Yahoo track various things when a user receives an email. If you have irrelevant users in the list, most probably they will mark your email as spam. These spam complaints are highly damaging to your IP reputation.

Not only this, they note other activities like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. If your audience wants to hear from you, they will keep engaging with the stuff you send to them. Your email will be opened and clicked.

On the other hand, if they are not interested in your message, you will be reported as spam, resulting in a low IP reputation, and poor deliverability.

Why Does Your Email List Need to Be Managed?

First and foremost, the purpose of your email list management is to keep quality contacts in your list. These quality contacts will be responsible for the success of your email marketing campaigns because they will be interacting with the messages when they will receive.

What will be the use of your marketing campaign to the list of thousand contacts with the majority of inactive users? It is always worth sending your messages to the short but valuable list. Email list management should be part of your marketing strategy.

A re-engagement campaign is mandatory to check which users are willing to connect with you and which are not. The primary goal of email list management is to get the results you want to achieve from your email campaign. This is the way you will get all the value of your efforts and resources at the right time.

Email List Management Best Practices

From sending a welcome email to saying goodbye to the users must be done systematically and professionally.

Without any further ado, here are the best and test email list management practices you need to start implementing today:

Welcome Your New Subscribers

Your email list starts growing as soon as the first subscriber subscribes to it. When a user subscribes, the interaction process must be started immediately with the automated welcome email.

welcome your new subscribers | Mumara

A welcome email is the first email your subscriber receives from your brand and paves the way for further communication. To make this experience long-lasting, personalize it according to the available information to make your message more appropriate.

Tell your users the benefits of your product and the reason why should they stick to your email list. Further, if you are selling any software or business app, tell the users how to install it and use it step-by-step.

Send an offer to make your users feel special with a discount voucher. This will help you get the paid users immediately and they will work as ambassadors of your brand to share it with their friends and family.

Never hesitate to ask the subscribers to add you to the ‘whitelist’, it will help you land in the mailbox instead of being stuck in the spam/junk folder.

Segment Your Email List

Email list segmentation is one of the fundamentals of your email list management. If you segment your email list well, it will help you send your messages to the most interested users. A list can be segmented on the certain preferences and commonalities of the users for higher ROI.

It is all about applying filters on the list to find common traits. You can filter your list based on hobbies, age, subscription date, specific downloads, gender, interests, geolocation, engagement criteria, etc.

We suggest you use the perfect email marketing automation software such as Mumara for your email marketing requirements. While using Mumara, you will be able to create Custom Fields for contacts to add more information about the subscribers.

For example, you want to make a different email list for active users. For that purpose, you need not create a different list and add the subscribers one by one, rather, create a segment for these users to send the targeted emails.

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Keep Your Email List Clean

Make it your habit to scrub your email list to keep the bad subscribers away. For example, you have an email list with various inactive, hard bounced, soft bounced, or complaints, what will be the outcome if you will send your email campaign to these users? It will damage your reputation and deliverability rate within no time.

email list clean, a girl is cleaning and there are emails and a shower, email list clean | Mumara

When you will keep sending emails to bounced or inactive users, your IP will be blacklisted. Further, you will face deliverability issues. Get rid of uninterested, and invalid users at the first glance to get the purpose you are doing your email marketing.

If you will keep unwanted users away, it will ultimately decrease your email marketing costs. Keep an open eye on the users who bloat your subscriber number whereas good for nothing in terms of value.

Verify New Subscribers with Double Opt-in

Double opt-ins, also known as confirmed opt-ins are considered the gold standard for email marketing. Under GDPR, you have to send your emails to interested users only. For that reason, double opt-in emails serve the purpose.

No matter what the law says, even if it allows you to send email campaigns to the single opt-ins, we suggest you go with the double opt-in even in that case.

Do you want to know the reason? The double opt-in users want to hear from you because they subscribe to your email list by taking some pain.

Email list management will give an idea to filter out single opt-in emails from the list and send your email campaigns to the audience that looks forward to hearing from you.

Add an Unsubscribe Link to Your Email

All the subscribers in your email list cannot be your fan. Some of them might have intentionally subscribed to your email list and others might have accidentally. You have to give full options to the users to remain on your list or leave it whenever they want.

For that purpose, add an unsubscribe link in the header or footer of the email. This is a great practice for your email list management to keep the relevant users in your list.

Supposedly, if you do not add an unsubscribe link, there is a possibility that irrelevant users will report your emails as spam.

Re-Engage Inactive Audience

From the above discussion, it is understandable that you have all types of users in the list including engaged, unengaged, disengaged, active, inactive, dead, etc. Some of the users with open up your email, some will click on the CTA, and others will ignore your email.

re-engage inactive users for email list management | Mumara

In this situation, how do email list management? That will be an interesting question. There can be various reasons for not getting enough open rates such as poor email subject line, email content, responsiveness, bad IP reputation, irrelevant email list, etc.

You need to revisit your email strategy to re-engage the users. Make your subject line more compelling in 50 or fewer characters. Add an email preheader that must tell something about the actual email. Your subject line and preheader are the face of your email that must be designed well to attract every recipient.

Personalize your email and send your messages to the already created segments. Ask inactive users the reason they are not getting engaged with your message, and promise them to resolve the issues if any.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to activate your passive users, give them some discounted offers and coupons to make them active.

Do not hesitate to inform them that if they will not respond any further, you will unsubscribe them. We suggest you do everything to activate your users before you unsubscribe them from the list.

Never Purchase Email Lists

Can you storm into someone’s house who is unknown to you? They will not welcome you rather they will call the police. Likewise, sending emails to users who haven’t subscribed to your email list can be risky for your brand and IP reputation.

Purchasing a list can grow your database, but it would be a dangerous move to send emails to an audience unfamiliar with your business.

In this way, you will lose your time, effort, money, and reputation at the same time, so, we don’t suggest you buy an email list.

Run an A/B Test on Your Email Campaigns

You feed your users with the content that they like. How to do that? Run A/B testing. It will sophisticatedly and statistically prove which variant of the email is liked by the user to be the best.

For example, you send an email with the subject line having an emoji, and another version without an emoji. Stats will tell you which email has more approval rate. After getting the best variant, you will be able to collect more engagement resulting in more sales and business growth.

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How Does Mumara Help You with Your Email List Management?

Email marketing automation software such as Mumara is a must for your email marketing process. Can you send your marketing emails to hundreds and thousands of users by sending your emails one by one? That would certainly not be possible.

Mumara email list management | Mumara

You have to use email marketing software that helps you create your email list, segment it according to the users’ interests, email list management, design an email campaign, and send it whenever you want.

Mumara is a powerful marketing solution that helps your business to achieve marketing targets through email personalization. You can personalize your email to make your audience feel at home based on their gender, location, personas, designation, etc.

After scheduling your email campaign, you can see real-time results, and statistics to make any changes. The performance of the email campaign can be visualized through charts, and graphs. Open, click-through rate, spam complaints, bounces, etc. can be seen to take timely action.

Not only this, you can send transactional messages, to existing and newly subscribed users. In a nutshell, Mumara can be your companion to create a win-win situation for your email marketing efforts.

In a nutshell

Email list management is the cornerstone for the success of your email marketing. If you will keep stuffing your email list with invalid, inactive, spammed, bounced, or unengaged email addresses, you will not get the results of your choice.

No matter how beautifully you design your email newsletter, if it is not going to the relevant users, it will be of no use. The above-mentioned best practices are highly responsible to make you successful.

We suggest you sign up for Mumara to manage your list more professionally for the desired results.

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