Marketing relies on branding to give ordinary things a bigger and deeper meaning for the end user. When a larger meaning is added to the end product, the value of the product to the user increases. This makes some brands better than others and some products more premium than others for the user.

Mumara One is the Content Marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing and Email Marketing Automation Hulk that you need to push your strategy out. Transform this monster into your pet.

Do incredible things with this genius powerhouse of intelligence and creativity that has a way around the internet, as nobody else does.

Why wait for more? You can automate your email flows, you can automate the personalization of messages, and you can even automate variable messages. This is an all-in-one marketing automation system designed for marketers’ daily usage and long-term returns.

Sustain your messages, deliver effective Call-To-Actions and converge sales automatically with the Mumara One.

Table of Contents

  1. Marketing and emails
  2. Mumara One’s role in marketing automation
  3. Basics of email automation
  4. Customer relationship marketing with Mumara One
  5. Lead generation with Mumara One
  6. Personalization and loyalty with Mumara One
  7. Conclusion

Marketing and Emails 

Any brand is what you make it. Marketing is a way to give the brand a human look and feel. This means when you think of a branded business you think of a voice, a style, specific colors, a specific mood, and unique designs. This is all branding.

Marketing relies on branding to give ordinary things a bigger and deeper meaning for the end user. When a larger meaning is added to the end product, the value of the product to the user increases. This makes some brands better than others and some products more premium than others for the user.

Even if, at the end of the day similar products provide a similar purpose. A bottle of water is a bottle of water, like a hundred other brands available in the market. A cleaner or neater packaging provided by one brand in the bottled water industry with its attractive ad copy can still increase the perceived value of a bottle of water from a specific brand.

Sometimes good branding has nothing to do with product quality. We consume a lot of brands that provide no benefit but mental satisfaction that is only there because the branding process enabled it.

Marketing has all to do with ideas. Your marketing strategy or set of ideas can be shared with your target audience through the introduction of an efficient tool that delivers sharp messages, to the right person, at the right time, in the right way to induce the right effect.

This is why Emails are the single most widely used marketing tool in the communication world. According to recent data, email marketing is ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Shocking? There is more to this. 

How It Goes

Emails can be sent to large clusters of people. These are way more personal than other generic ads considered aggressive ad-nauseam marketing junk.

Emails are also more fluid and colorful than push notifications, SMS, and other modes of communication with the target audience. Email Subscribers show consent to receiving the emails and that makes all the difference in the quality of the message delivery.

The results of Call-To-Actions, and the engagement that businesses get from Emails as compared to the other digital marketing tools. Mumara One is a unique wholesome tool that can achieve higher personalized user engagement in a uniform and consistent way for you.

Mumara One’s Role in Marketing Automation

Ideas can be complex. Yours does not have to be. Mumara One lets you break your big idea into small usable sections. You can send a series of predefined emails as ‘Drip Campaigns‘ to your users.

Mumara One marketing automation | Mumara

You can also send a series of uniformed emails to your users on a set pattern decided by you as ‘Evergreen Campaigns’. These are all scheduled, and predefined and yet they can be modified through email artificial intelligence that Mumara One offers to its genius clients. 

Sending customers emails is simple. You can even choose from a whole library of global email inspiration and your inbox as to what to send to your contact list. Creative messages and usable content can promote a lot of sales convergences.

Your subscribers will want to know more if you keep sending them valuable content. If you send them junk, then your branding fails. However, in terms of the science of email sending, you get a lot of value and effective results through the usage of Mumara One. 


Here is an example. You can create lists of email addresses and save them in your contact book. You can then send one email to all of these people. If you feel like you want to send custom emails to each one of these people you can add a Dynamic Content Tag to your email’s body that will pick data from the larger contact details and insert it into the emails magically.

You can further customize the kind of emails you send by breaking down your contact list into smaller groups of people. Then you can segment your contacts. Once you do that you will be able to send varying emails to each segment.

The segmentation can be done on many factors such as the:

  • Demographic segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Customer journey segmentation

Hail the power of Artificial Intelligence you do not need to do much; your powerful Hulk will do it all for you. You just point it in the direction that you want to smash.

This is not it. There are a whole lot of other ways to customize as well. Such as you can add a message about the weather in your recipient’s city, you can add or remove special promos, related messages, and more for your segments.

There is a lot of variety of customization that can go on and all it needs is a little definition or control from you to plan it all. Mumara One does the rest for you.

Basics of Email Automation

You can do all the effort today through Evergreen Campaigns. Or you can do it in the piece-by-piece format, one campaign at a time through Broadcast Campaigns. Or you can do both, side-by-side in Combinations.

You can send Email notifications, Reminders, Order Updates, Seasonal Greetings, and Newsletters among other things from Mumara One. The scheduling does not have to be according to the date.

It can be super flexible and dynamic as well. Mumara makes the sending activity even more dynamic by adding Triggers. Triggers are a way for you to decide when the contact will receive a specific email.

You can choose an action and attach a trigger to it. The trigger means that the action’s occurrence aka the event’s happening will allow the email to pass out. 

You can also use triggers to automate and schedule other things dynamically such as updating and changing lists, statuses of contacts, and much more. But this is basically the gist of it.

You do not need a team for all of this. You are enough. Or get a team to delegate even more and extract all the right creative juices out of each brain on board along with Mumara One’s powerful engine.

Mumara also gives you the chance to use the Drag-and-Drop builder for your emails.

Customer Relationship Marketing with Mumara One

Communicate with your contacts. Communicate the brand’s message and promote awareness. Help people reengage with new products, features, discounts, and campaigns with you. Take it to their emails and they will thank you for it.

customer relationship with Mumara One | Mumara

Remember people only signup when they feel they can achieve something out of the emails. Such as coupons, updates, information, or useful tips. Give them just that and meet their needs.

What is there to lose? Absolutely nothing. Emails do not require crazy budgets or obscene design costs. Not with Mumara at least. It is simple marketing made for simple marketers with big plans.

Lead Generation with Mumara One

You can engage your existing customers. Engage your existing customers who are unresponsive. They also engage your clients who are new to you.

This gives you a lot of freedom to grasp the market and activate large parts of the market. These activations can help in changing the response rates and sales convergence ratio.

Personalization and Loyalty with Mumara One

Repeated emails that make the clients feel that you know their name, birthday, and the town can be amazing as well. Results and research that our scientists have undertaken suggest that you can maximize your sales by 150% percent with automated personalized marketing and special promos.

email personalization | Mumara

You can also maximize your open rates and click-through rates by personalizing the subject of the email to the recipient’s name which can literally be a less-than-a-minute task with the Mumara One. Our clients have been able to increase their open rates by as much as 300% in the past.


The world is no longer difficult to grasp. Get hold of your contacts no matter where they are from the world. Grab them, put them together, and activate engagements with each and every one of them on a personal level.

This is a great way for anyone to become the marketer of the year. You can put together a seamless marketing strategy with the utmost creativity while Mumara One does all your tedious sending tasks.

Ladies, and Gentlemen, that is the power of Mumara One for you. Educate, Motivate and Train your customers through your emailed content. It is always a good day to improve your relationship with your customers. Start today, start now.

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